5 Jokes: Straight off my Bucket List

1) Witness a Mexican stand-off, involving actual Mexicans.

2.) Express regrets to Shania Twain that Mark Twain died 55 years before she was born – proving “never the Twain shall meet.”

3.) Replicate John Mayer’s ability to fake sensitivity and likability in verse only.

4.) Next time a drunk heckler interrupts my poetry recital to demand a good synecdoche, be quick witted enough to reply “a-hole.”

5.) Tweak my lozenge-patch invention. Forehead application is still a bit cumbersome.

SkitSketchJeff is Jeff Burdick, who wonders where Mitt Romney has gone. Has Secret Service taken him to a secret, undisclosed location to protect his mouth from any more terrorist attacks by his foot?

And a few entries from the “5 Jokes Hall of Fame”...

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