5 Jokes for the Labor Day Weekend

1.) 91.7% of Americans will celebrate Labor Day today. Remainder to join Flash Mobs of mattress store sales.

2.) I understand the appeal of drug-free workplaces, but aren’t most people happy if just the coffee is free?

3.) A colleague was just caught with naked animal photos on her work computer. More disturbing? Those screen-saver shots of fully clothed animals portraying scenes from Jerry Bruckheimer films.

4.) Next week, I plan to educate my colleagues on the common meaning of Hump Day... and why their version can no longer happen near my cubicle.

5.) The 5 classic stages of employment:
One – On board
Two – On time
Three – Ennui
Four – En garde
Five – Onward (rinse, repeat)

SkitSketchJeff is Jeff Burdick, who feels Labor Day sounds suspiciously like Mothers Day Part II. For more FluffingtonPost humor, sketch videos and fake news, visit BurdickComm.com.

And a few entries from the “5 Jokes Hall of Fame”...

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