5 Reflections: Aurora’s painful ironies

1.) Thank God for conceal-carry laws in 49 states. They’re the only thing protecting us from even more people sneaking deadly weapons into movie theaters. Right? (How again will banning backpacks and adding a mall cop in theater lobbies help?)

2.) Aren’t politicians who say it’s wrong to turn assault-weapon tragedies into a political issue no different than a school custodian who argues that cleaning up projectile vomit shouldn’t be a janitorial duty. (DO YOUR JOB – including the hard parts.)

3.) When Americans cannot peacefully attend violent entertainment, are we losing the essence of what it means to live in the world’s greatest democracy? (Or... are we losing that essence when rich special interests exercise control over most every gun, tax, banking, energy and election law?)

4.) On a positive note, wasn’t it refreshing to read that in this global economy the AR-15 assault rifle used in the Aurora shootings is still made in America. This makes AR-15s more patriotic than U.S. Olympic uniforms... and one more logical reason to not ban assault weapons. (USA! USA!)

5.) Some say these gun tragedies won’t cease until the victim list directly touches members of Congress. Oh wait, that sadly happened last year in Tucson. (Guess we’re all screwed.)

SkitSketchJeff is Jeff Burdick, who supports moderate measures to ban assault weapons to give the unarmed more of a fleeing chance.

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