5 Jokes about the God particle (and other minutia)

1.) Discovery of “God particle” at Switzerland’s CERN research center also ends years of speculation about Rölf the Webmaster as source of mysterious odor.  

2.) Chicago Tribune headline: “Felon accused of impersonating an alderman's aide.” Key to the impersonation? He was a felon.

3.) If I could be so bold... Three words of fashion advice to plain-clothes Chicago police: Bedazzle that s@!*.

4.) Ever find yourself sitting in the bathroom eating and wonder: “When will this cruel cycle end?”

5.) Weekend fun tip: Check out the comedy Ted. Fun irreverent stuff, but don’t let the title deceive you. It is not a raunchy, foul-mouthed movie about a discount airline. That one is probably a documentary.

SkitSketchJeff is Jeff Burdick, who once took a first date to a new Italian restaurant called “Cousins,” only to later learn the cuisine was Appalachian. For more FluffingtonPost humor, visit BurdickComm.com.



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