5 Reflections after 127½ Hours Trapped in the Wild

FluffingtonPost film reviewer Chad “Chad” Elkington returned Sunday from a solo wilderness trip re-experiencing film locations from the movie 127 Hours. Planned as a typical yuppie copy-cat adventure, it turned harrowing when he lost his GPS tracker. After an extra 30 terrifying minutes, his outfitters finally located and rescued him. We appreciate Chad contributing today’s “5 Reflections.” 

1.) How’s your Monday going… on a scale from 1 up to “thrilled to be reviewing movies again after surviving 127½ hours without any contact with civilization. Did I miss anything?”

2.) Just saw Dark Knight Rises. Certain to be the feel-good hit of the summer. The rich guys win.

3.) Spoiler alert: Like many unrefrigerated caseroles, Peruvian Crab Causa can quickly go bad when hiking. Extend trail life by wrapping with frozen REI Cold Packs filled with Fiji Water for later drinking.

4.) My near-death wilderness experience has deepened my appreciation for life’s little things. Like the near perfect psycho-branding of Whole Foods. Just love that whole “over-priced grocery store as gated community” vibe.

5.) While praying for rescue from that crevasse, it crossed my mind what an existential genius Woody Allen is at subtly reminding elites to not let whining limit enjoyment of our wealth. You rock Wood-ster!

Chad “Chad” Elkington is Jeff Burdick, who worries about the effect of movie violence on method actors. Enjoy FluffingtonPost’s “5-Second Film Reviews” at

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