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10 Jokes for Week 1 of the Olympics

1.) How’s your Olympics going?… on a scale from “bad” up to “Yeay! My favorite Olympian tested just under 4 times normal testosterone levels and can compete!”...

Chicago Mayor curses out Chick-fil-A for bad values

With his typical storm of profanity, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel fumed that no one would prevent him from upholding Chicago’s most basic civic values...

10 Jokes to Open the London Olympics

1.) Prediction: After Michael Phelps wins his last gold medal, he yells at the camera, “I’m going to Burning Man!”...

5 Reflections after 127½ Hours Trapped in the Wild

FluffingtonPost film reviewer Chad “Chad” Elkington returned Sunday from a solo wilderness trip re-experiencing film locations from the movie 127 Hours. Planned as a typical yuppie copy-cat adventure, it turned harrowing when he lost his GPS tracker...

5 Reflections: Aurora’s painful ironies

1.) Thank God for conceal-carry laws in 49 states. They’re the only thing protecting us from even more people sneaking deadly weapons into movie theaters. Right? (How again will banning backpacks and adding a mall cop in theater lobbies help?)...’s 10 Most Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it a sin to lie about my weight...

5 Jokes: This Life and Last

1.) In the age of mobile devices and iPad streaming, could Socrates have finished the thought: “The unexamined life is not worth…”...

The Bachelorette: Top 10 Thoughts before the Final Rose

Ahead of Sunday’s Bachelorette finale, here are 10 Nobel Prize-worthy thoughts. And let’s hope Emily Maynard finds love during Sunday’s 3-hour finale. If America’s most adored high school graduate can’t find love, what chance do educated women saddled with college loans have...

Rahm returns from Idaho mountaintop with no commandments

Rahm’s back!! Fresh from his posh mountain weekend retreat, Chicago’s workaholic mayor reported he is recharged and ready to keep innovating small stabs at the city’s big problems...

Might Voters Forgive Jesse Jackson Jr. if he’s Bruce Wayne?

The secrecy surrounding Jesse Jackson Jr.’s bizarre disappearance is without parallel – except in superhero comics. So what’s the chance Junior is actually recuperating from crime-fighting injuries? Judge for yourself using...
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