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5 Jokes about Aliens, Average Americans & Affluence

1.) When the hungry aliens come, the safe money says they’ll target the obese first, but then quite overpay for food snobs lightly fattened with foie gras.  ...

5 Jokes: Supreme Court Proves Shy about Man-dates

1.) While upholding key portions of Obamacare, the Supreme Court sidestepped directly ruling on man-dates. Observers believe the Court is delaying until a nice, juicy same-sex-marriage case plops in its lap.    ...

5 Jokes for Rahm’s Outward Bound Program

1.) Mayor Emanuel recently returned from the Czech Republic, his third vacation this year. Based on Chicago’s booming job market and safer streets, I say Rahm's earned it. In fact, as with his other actions, City Hall estimates Rahm’s trips will add 800 new jobs and put dozens of cops on the street...

5 Jokes to set Monday’s Mood

1.) How’s your Monday going… on a scale from 10 down to “reminded this weekend why beer goggles and Lakeview tattoo parlors are such a bad mix.”...

5 Jokes for our Maiden(form) Voyage

1.) On Wednesday, Jill Biden was caught on film taking her Secret Service detail lingerie shopping on Michigan Avenue. More embarrassing, she was also heard calling her husband for his hip measurements.   ...
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