Today I'm on the Steve Harvey Show!

Today I'm on the Steve Harvey Show!
I had a great time on the Steve Harvey Show.

I'm so excited! Today is the day my husband and I will be featured guests on The Steve Harvey Show!

Everybody asks us how did we get on the show, and I must admit I had nothing to do with it. My husband wrote in to the show a year ago expressing his desire to do something nice for his wife. And how they read that email and developed the show they did for today is beyond me--but they did, and it's funny!

We taped the show almost a month ago, and signed contracts that we wouldn't share many details about the show, which has been like torture not to share with anyone, but the hours are winding down and soon all of syndicated TV will see what we experienced. It was AMAZING!

My husband and I are the couple on the R.

My husband and I are the couple on the R.

What I can say is this: being on the Steve Harvey show was like a dream come true. I savor it as "the day I was rich" because they treated my husband and I like royalty. While I have dreams of grandeur with a never ending bank account, my desires for wealth stem from wanting to help others in need. I'm the person who wants to build water wells in other countries, buy shoes for all the children in villages with no means, build schools, and on and on. That's why I dream of having wealth. Never did I think I needed the frivolities that the wealthy enjoy, until that infamous Friday, April 18th.  My thoughts have changed. Ain't nothing wrong with being rich.

I loved having the Lincoln MKZ waiting outside my home to drive us to the studio. I LOVED having my makeup done and getting my Oprah-like eyelashes and being in the Green Room. I loved it all!

We still have mixed feelings about the show's title that landed us the opportunity to be on the show, which YOU WILL HAVE TO WATCH TO SEE, but in the end, all in all, the entire experience was something we will never forget. I am just so grateful.

And my husband even gave Steve something he didn't plan on getting--some fresh new material--which again, YOU WILL HAVE TO WATCH TO SEE! Click here for a little snippet of the show!

I want to thank everyone at The Steve Harvey Show who allowed us this life-changing opportunity. Everyone working behind the scenes was classy and professional, but no one inspired me more than the producer who was interrupted with every conceivable question every 2 seconds, yet she remained cool as a cucumberas she said, "Go for Tracey" into her mic to answer each time. Her work style forever impacted me because she remained consistently professional no matter what--even when she encountered the group who felt they had the privilege of being in the Green Room all afternoon, but ummm, no, it was time for them to leave and time for MY TURN! I had nothing to fear. Tracey handled them just as nicely as she did everyone else.

Once you see the title of our show, you will see why my husband asks the question, "Of all the things in the world to go on national TV to meet Steve Harvey, it was for this?!?!" But hey, when you see what we saw, you will know it was all worth it, and Steve truly is a class act!

In Chicago, The Steve Harvey show airs at 2PM on NBC. For other cities, check your local listings.


In FITNESS and In Health is on Facebook! Be sure to visit and click "Like"  to join a community of people who affirm to live "In FITNESS" and not in sickness.

In FITNESS and In Health is on Facebook! Be sure to visit and click "Like" to join a community of people who affirm to live "In FITNESS" and not in sickness.

About me: I'm a wife and mom of six daughters: two adults, two teens, and twins in Pre-K. That in itself should land me on somebody's show! My passion is teaching group exercise classes that emphasize and highlight the fact that our bodies are temples, which is why my affirmation for life is to live "In FITNESS and In Health." I am so blessed because my life has come full circle in which my purpose and passion are aligned by my being able to teach and work as a fitness instructor for The Salvation Army Ray and Joan Kroc Corps Community Center located on the South side of Chicago, where I am also a church member and soldier in the Army. (I just think that's so cool!) It is amazing to me that as a part of my job, I can actually pray at the end of every fitness class, which is the highlight of my work! Although I could be anywhere in the world teaching fitness classes regularly, I choose to be at the Kroc Center sharing the love of Christ and helping people uncover their true worth and beauty as God sees them. I am so blessed. I know I've said it once, but I just had to say it again: I AM SO BLESSED. For more information on the Kroc Center, or to be a guest in one of my classes, feel free to visit our page at We'd love to have you as our guest!Savation Army

I wasn't always in the best shape though. As someone who suffers chronically from Crohn's disease, I've had clothes in my closet ranging from Juniors to Plus size. I didn't enjoy a consistently healthy life until my family was introduced to the Body by Vi 90 Day Challenge which has changed our lives. Now, my husband has lost 60lbs, and I have had no flare ups from my Crohn's since I started the Challenge almost two years ago, and have had my blood pressure completely lowered, and I am off all medications! I credit The Challenge for giving me the courage to dream again and live my life to the fullest, and being on The Steve Harvey Show today is just one result of the blessing of continuing to challenge myself. You can find out more about The Challenge on my website .

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