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New Webcomic Promotes Fitness Awareness And Education

New Webcomic Promotes Fitness Awareness And Education
It’s becoming more and more apparent every day that fitness and wellness are important topics that should be discussed, but it seems like we continually fall short no matter how hard we try (or we are distracted by fads or gimmicks).  Besides being a fitness professional, I’m also a self-confessed nerd (and many people have... Read more »

Get Your Kids To Enjoy Fitness With MIGHTY ME

I was directed to this website by none other than Tony Horton (creator of P90X).  Have you heard of MIGHTY ME?  I think it’s a BRILLIANT idea!  If you’ve been reading my blog, you’ve seen past posts about fitness/nutrition and children.  I think it’s extremely important to start teaching our kids about the importance of... Read more »

Get Your Kids Into Fitness The Right Way!

Alright, parents… guess what!?  YOU are role models!  Scary, right?  The things you do are often reflected by your kids, so why not instill good habits in them?  Habits in not only attitude, but also in commitment, health, fitness, forgiveness, love… the list could go on, of course. So, how do you get your kids... Read more »