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Do's And Don't's For When You Are Trying To Get Fit... And Your Significant Other Is Not.

I asked on my Facebook Page what topic people would like me to blog about, and that the first submitted topic would win the post.  I received this topic suggestion: How to deal with a significant other that isn’t quite on board with a healthier lifestyle So, this blog is my response to that dilemma. ... Read more »

Sweet Potato Hash

Today I did my first ever experiment in making sweet potato hash at home.  Now, I’m going to tell you right now that when I make things at home, I rarely ever follow a recipe.  I’m more of a “pinch of this, dash of that” sort of cook.  One of things I like to do... Read more »

What To Do With All Of Those Apples?

It’s Autumn and, if you are like me, you LOVE going to the apple orchard.  However, I usually find that I come home with too many apples!  Do you have lots of fresh apples sitting around?  Are you looking for things to do with them?  Well, you are in luck! Check out some of these... Read more »