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Exercise? But... but... I don't wanna!

Exercise?  But... but... I don't wanna!
Do you find yourself thinking that phrase in your mind over and over again when the time comes to suit up in your exercise gear and actually get your workout in?  Well, you’re not alone.  I’ve been heavily into fitness since 2004, and now fitness is my career, and there are still many days when... Read more »

Cute New Line Of Fitness Wear You Need To Check Out

As you may recall, last year I did a blog post about my favorite workout wear picks.  You can find this blog here -> http://www.chicagonow.com/blogs/fitness-at-home/2010/06/dress-for-success-fitness-at-homes-favorite-workout-wear.html Since I wrote that article I’ve been introduced to a new line of cute workout wear that I was unaware of… Uffdaa Wear!  I’m really into cute fitness wear that... Read more »

Black Friday Fitness Deals

Tomorrow is Black Friday… which means that almost everywhere you shop is going to have some mega sales.  A lot of people focus on electronics, but I want to show you about some FITNESS deals that will be happening tomorrow! Throughout the day today, I’ll be posting my finds on my Twitter account at www.twitter.com/turbomelanieb,... Read more »

Dress For Success: Fitness At Home's Favorite Workout Wear!

Dress For Success: Fitness At Home's Favorite Workout Wear!
Does wearing frumpy clothing make you feel, well, frumpy?  I don’t know about you, but when I put on loose fitting pants and a baggy t-shirt I just feel like lounging around and doing nothing.  So, why wear these clothes to workout?  How you dress can actually effect your thoughts, which can then, in turn,... Read more »