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The Superhero Fitness Challenge Returns To C2E2!

The Superhero Fitness Challenge Returns To C2E2!
Last year the Superhero Fitness Challenge made a splash at C2E2 (Chicago’s BEST Entertainment and Pop Culture convention) by being the only health and fitness related booth there!  People engaged in our fitness challenge and earned great prizes!  We brought an excitement for living healthier lives into an area where it’s been pretty non-existent up... Read more »

Join The Holiday Fitness Challenge Group on Facebook!

I like to organize fitness challenges around the Holidays to help people get through one of the hardest times of year when it comes to treats being everywhere!  This challenge is goal based and YOU set your goals.  Use the group to post your progress to help motivate yourself and others!  I’ve started my fitness... Read more »

I Commit To Stay Fit Through The Holidays... Do You?

Do you need extra motivation to get you through the holidays?  It’s that time of year that we usually stop taking care of ourselves because we are focusing so much on taking care of others.  Well, I ask you to make a commitment to yourself!  If you want to join us as part of this... Read more »

30 Day Fitness Challenge - Starting April 1st

A GREAT way to get ready for summer is to get involved in a fitness challenge.  When you are involved in a challenge you get the benefit of having others doing this with you, and you get to recognize and write down your goals and take actions towards achieving them! Do YOU want to get... Read more »