Fifteen Of My Favorite Motivational Images For Fitness Goals

A big part of success in fitness is having the desire, the drive, and the motivation to achieve what you are going after.  I run regular fitness challenge groups on Facebook, and one of the things I do is encourage challengers to share motivating images that they find particularly inspiring.  They found some amazing ones that I'd never seen before!  I figured I'd compile fifteen of my favorite ones in one place, so that if you are ever feeling uninspired you can come back to this blog for some material to light those fires!  So, I hope you enjoy this Motivational Monday, and you take this motivation with you through the week and beyond!


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  • I dutifully went to have a colon picture done (can't spell it) and the technician said when it was over "you eat mainly fruit and veggies". He could tell from the health of my insides; I had not been asked what my diet was. I'm not suggesting a visual on that (!) but it has really worked for me to continue to eat healthily.

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    Linda.. I can see how that could be motivating.

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