Find Your Fitness Role Model, Part 2

Find Your Fitness Role Model, Part 2

This week has really been focused on inspiration... finding those qualities that inspire you to be better, and finding the role models who inspire you to be better.  I'm continuing by sharing another one of my fitness role models with you all, in hopes that she may inspire some of you too.

One of my other big fitness role models is Jennifer Widerstrom.  Some people will know who she is, but most likely won't (which is why I want to introduce you to her!).  Those who will know who she is will likely remember her as "Phoenix" on the short lived revamp of "American Gladiators" (which I am really sad they took of the air, FYI).  She's actually a local girl, originally from a suburb of Chicago.  I had the honor of meeting her at the Wizard World Convention (along with co-star Beth Horn, who is also pretty great... check her out!) a few years ago.  She really struck me because she was not only super fit, but she was genuine.  You feel a real compassion and warmth coming from her spirit.  She enjoys life.  She enjoys what she does.  I am sure that she inspires many, many people in Southern CA (where she now lives and trains at Pulse Fitness Studio).

It's not just her fitness level and commitment that inspires me, it's her heart and dedication.  She devotes time to helping those in need... as her website states:

"I have felt no greater joy than that when working with those in need. My ability to connect with individuals across the world has lead me to feel very blessed, and in this connection I have discovered how contributing to the well being of others gives us all the opportunity to be a part of something bigger than ourselves. Whether it be through an association that I have shared with you or something else you are passionate about, I encourage you to get involved with a cause that truly warms your heart."

She is truly a role model to be admired on multiple levels.

Also, for those with scale obsession.  Look at her photo at the top.  Then, look at her stats below:

5'6" 155 lbs.

As you can see, when you are lean and have muscle, that number on the scale looks a lot different!  Use her as an inspiration to get fit and toned and stop obsessing over the scale!

Check out this quick workout with Jennifer on YouTube:

Check out this clip to see her in action on "American Gladiators" (I couldn't really find a better clip, sadly):




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