Are Your New Year's Fitness Resolutions Solid for Success?

Are Your New Year's Fitness Resolutions Solid for Success?

Every year we make resolutions, and every year most people give up on fitness related ones in less than a month. I find that the reason a lot of people do this is because they weren't strong enough to start, or they just weren't properly planned out and executed. If you are already starting to get less than enthusiastic about your resolutions, perhaps it's time to revisit and revamp those resolutions! If you want SOLID resolutions that can help you achieve the success you dream of, follow the tips below to dig deep!


1.) Know your WHY.
The reason a lot of people flounder on their New Year's Resolutions is because they have vague goals such as "lose weight," "get in shape," etc. How can you achieve that goal if you aren't even certain what that means to you? So, it's time to get specific... WHY do you want to lose weight? WHY do you want to get in shape! Your WHY should make you emotional... it should pump you up... heck, it should make you angry!!!! Just to give you an idea, here are some examples... but remember, make your goals specific to YOU, don't base them on what you think they should be or what other people tell you they should be (unless that person is your doctor and it's for medical reasons):
*I want to lose weight so that I can avoid contracting preventable chronic diseases such as heart disease and/or diabetes.
*I want to lose weight so that I can play with my kids regularly and be more involved in their lives.
*I want to get in shape so that I can fit back into my jeans from two years ago and wear them proudly.
*I want to get in shape because I want to prove to myself how strong I can actually be.
*I want to get in shape because I want to run a 5K.
*I want to get in shape because I'm tired of being winded when going up the stairs and doing simple household chores.
*I want to get in shape so that I can have more energy and live life more fully.
... you get the drift, right?

2.) Set SPECIFIC goals.
Now, you have your WHY, it's time to make your goals specific. What needs to be done in order to get to that WHY you mentioned? Goals should be specific, measurable, and have a deadline. What does that mean? It means that, for example, to fit back into those jeans you need to go from a size 12 to a size 8. Or, to run that 5K you need to finish a 5K race training regime. To reduce your risk of chronic disease you need to lose 50 lbs. To not get winded you need to improve your overall fitness level, etc.
Now, you need deadlines on these... so, give it a date. Make sure to be REALISTIC, though. Do a little research on your goal to see what's necessary to reach it. For weight loss, for example, it's best to lose 1-2 lbs. per week, and no more. That's doable, that's sustainable, and that's maintainable.

3.) Know your STARTING point.
You have your WHY and you have your GOALS. Now that you know your reason and your end point, you NEED to know your beginning point. Lots of people are very hesitant to do this part, mainly because they aren't willing to face reality... but you NEED to. It will be the kick in the butt you need. Plus, you can always go back and review the starting point to see how far you are coming along! So, get out a tape measure and take measurements on your chest, waist, hips, arms and thighs... record your starting weight... then, take BEFORE photos from your front, side and back. Repeat this process every 30 days to see how you are progressing.
If you need help in this, check out Team Beachbody as they have online trackers as well as videos to show you how to properly take your measurements and track your results.
If your goal has to do with athletic endurance, then you'll likely want to start with a fitness test as well. If you work with a personal trainer, in fact, this will be a requirement. Remember, not all progress is on the scale... much more progress is shown in your inches lost, your improvements in strength, cardio and flexbility, your mood, your self esteem... so much!

4.) Have a PLAN.
You have your WHY, your specific GOALS, and you know your starting point... now, you need your plan! A lot of people also flounder because they don't have a plan. They haven't done any research. So, they go to a gym, walk on a treadmill for 30 minutes 3 times per week, and then they get frustrated and bored.
The two BEST ways to get a plan are:
1.) Do a fully designed home fitness program, such as the ones I feature/promote on my site ->
2.) Purchase sessions to work with a personal trainer.
Why are these the BEST ways? Because they are complete. A fully rounded fitness program, that will get you into the best shape of your life, NEEDS to have the following: Cardio training, Strength training, Flexbility Training, and Nutritional education and/or coaching. As a bonus, throw in balance and functional training (which can go hand in hand with cardio, strength or flexibility).
You can design your own plan, but keep all of those components in there. You need to KNOW how many days per week you are exercising. You need to KNOW how much time on each of those days you will be spending exercising. You need to KNOW what TYPE of exercise(s) you will be doing on each day. You need to KNOW your intensity level for each exercise.
It's also best to PLAN YOUR MEALS. If you go to work each day, pack your lunch. OR, if you go out to eat often, visit the websites for the places you frequent and educate yourself on the best menu choices there for your health and goals.

5.) Keep a Progress Journal.

Once you have your plan, write down your schedule for the week.
Then, for each workout, make sure you give yourself a review. If it's a cardio day, finish that day by recording how you did. How hard do you think you pushed? Then, when you are back to that day in your schedule you can see how you did the last time and raise the bar a little bit this time.
For strength, write down what weight you are using and how many reps you did. Then write down if it was too easy or too hard. That way you know how to adjust things the next time. If it was too easy, make it harder by adding reps or upping the weight. If it was too hard, then do the opposite. Easy peasy!
You can also use this journal to just record daily thoughts on how you did, and anything you may have learned that day.

6.) Write down your goals on PAPER and post them where you can see them.
Make sure that you have written your goals on paper and posted them where you can see them. Perhaps on the fridge? Perhaps in your workout space? Next to your bed?
You may also considering posting your BEFORE picture where you can see it... and then, next to it... post a GOAL picture for you to keep your eyes on!
There is great power in putting pen to paper... but we often forget that with today's technological age.

7.) SHARE your goals with others and ask for their support on your journey.
This is IMPORTANT. Do not hide what you are doing. Once you've set your goals, SHARE those goals with everyone you know... especially those closest to you who you see most often. Then, ASK FOR THEIR SUPPORT. Make sure they know HOW they can support you in your journey... whether it's by eating new foods you are going to cook (or understanding that you'll be eating a different meal than them from time to time), or making sure they allow you the time for your exercise, or telling them not to guilt you if you hang out but choose not to have a beer with them... etc etc etc.
You need the support of your friends and family in this... but they won't know how to help you if you don't tell them how.
If you need further support, connect with like-minded individuals online. You can connect with me, if you'd like! My social media icons are below, and you can also email me any time!

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