A Great Way To Always Have Water In Tow

A Great Way To Always Have Water In Tow

We know that drinking water is not only good for us, but necessary for our bodies to properly function.  A big reason why a lot of people don't drink enough water is because they aren't near it, or they are commuting for large amounts of time and aren't carrying a water bottle with them.  Water bottles won't fit in the purse I carry, so if I'm out on foot I don't always have my water with me because I don't feel like carrying the bottle.

Well, I've found a solution!  I recently was introduced to the Go Caddy tote.  It's a great little tote that was designed for carrying a water bottle... on top of that, there are places for your keys, wallet, etc.  It's great for when you are on the go.  I've been taking it out on walks with me, because it's just easier to carry my water that way.  So, if you want an easy way to always have your water with you, you should check it out!  I'm going to be giving one away in my November newsletter, so if you aren't subscribed to my newsletter yet, you should go subscribe so that you'll automatically be entered into my monthly contests -> https://www.facebook.com/personalfitnessathome?sk=app_141428856257

I think it'd be great for those who commute using the EL or the bus throughout Chicago!  You can have your hands free for those jolty stops and starts that you sometimes get on public transportation :-)

If you don't want to wait to see if you can win one from me, you can order one directly from Go Caddy at www.thegocaddy.com :-)

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