The Fitness At Home Great "Like" Giveaway!

Facebook is a great way to reach more people more often, so I'm working on connecting with even more people through my "like" page.  In order to do this, I'm giving away prizes for "likes"!  Yep, you can win some pretty cool stuff simply for liking my page and suggesting to friends!  What are the rules?


1.) Go to and click "like."

2.) Suggest the Fitness At Home Facebook page to friends.

3.) Reply to the contest post saying that you suggested to friends to enter the contest!

It's super easy to enter!!!!
Also, by "liking" my page you'll be putting yourself in a position to get even MORE fitness and nutrition goodies from Fitness At Home.  I post on here daily with tips, inspiration, as well as links to fitness related specials I find online!  Plus, you can interact with me and ask as many questions as you like.  Put yourself in a position where you are more likely to succeed with your goals!

PRIZES?!  Why, I'm glad you asked...

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: A pass for 2 free classes at Bikram Yoga in Evanston ( - valued at
$36)!!! Given away when I reach 700 "likes" (if you do not live in the
Chicago area then you will receive a pass to a studio near you)


PRIZE #2: A P90 In Home Boot Camp
program (
/Power90?referringRepId=20528 - valued at $60!) PLUS free coaching from me with the program to
help you achieve optimal results! Given away when I reach 800 "likes".


PRIZE #3: A nutrition consultation with Amanda Skrip
valued at $100 (if you are in the Chicago area this can be in person,
if NOT in Chicago then it'll have to be over the phone or via the web).
Given away when I reach 1000 "likes"!

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