Step by Step

... and I'm not talking a New Kids on the Block song, here.


I posted last week about a weekly challenge I was giving myself, and I said I would check in with you all this week to let you know how it went.

Well, I will say that when I set the goals it seemed easy enough to do everything on my list, but I also tend to have a Superman complex, too, where I think that nothing can stop me!  Last week ended up putting some Kryptonite in my path, however, and it slowed me down a little bit.  I DID end up doing more than I would've done otherwise, but when it came to the goals I set, I'd say I got about half of them on the books.  Illness kept me from a few yoga classes and workouts I'd set up for myself, and extreme tiredness from lack of sleep due to illness had me blowing the caffeine whistle.  Alas!

I don't feel guilty about it, though, because having those goals definitely helped keep me on track more than I otherwise would've, because usually when I get sick I just throw in the towel completely, but I didn't this time.

The key to setting these weekly goals is to remember that this is a marathon and not a sprint.  You have to take one foot in front of the other.  When you trip, just get up and keep moving forward, set new goals, and don't get discouraged about the ones you missed.

So, I now have my new set of goals for this week and I plan on rocking those out!  I hope you have your new goals set too!

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