Give Yourself A Weekly Challenge

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So, I decided to give myself a pretty intense weekly challenge this week.  "Why?" you may ask.  Because I know that if I can do something for a week, then there is no reason I can't make positive lifestyle choices on a regular basis. 

Maybe the reason you've slacked on your own goals is because you only see the big picture, way out there, not really within grasp in a timely manner.  We live in a society where we want it RIGHT NOW, but with health and fitness it doesn't happen that way.  What you CAN do, though, is prove to yourself that you've GOT THIS! 

So, I challenge you to give YOURSELF a weekly challenge.  Does it have to have as many bullet points as mine?  No, it doesn't... you can start with one thing.  Anyone can make one healthy lifestyle change for a week, right?  I bet you find that it wasn't as hard as you thought!  Next week, try adding on a second thing. 
Now, remember, this is an ACTION change, not a weight-loss or clothing size goal.  So, there's the gauntlet, thrown down... what are YOU going to do to challenge yourself this week?

Here is my list, and I will report back mid-week and at the end of the week with how I'm doing :-)

1.) No chai from Starbucks.

I admit, I'm a
bit addicted to these skim chai lattes, but I know that they aren't
really doing me any good... so, they go bye bye.  Sorry, Starbucks... I still love you ;-)

2.) Nothing to drink besides water, unsweetened tea, Rice Milk, and 4 ounces of juice (per day, for Shakeology blends)

3.) 5 Yoga classes this week (in
addition to the class I teach on Tuesday).  I've already signed up for
5 classes at Heaven Meets Earth Yoga Studio in Evanston.  I'm doing
this to challenge my mind and body and further my own education with
various styles of Yoga.

4.) Minimum of 30 minutes of extra lo-impact cardio every day this week (this is in addition to my regularly scheduled workouts... just light stuff like walking or gently riding a bike, etc.).  This will get me into my fat burning zone for a little longer each day and won't risk me putting my body into over-training.

5.) Workout schedule -

Monday: Brazil Butt Lift Sculpt

Tuesday: Turbo Kick

Wednesday: Brazil Butt Lift High & Tight + Turbo Fire HIIT 20

Thursday: Turbo Kick

Friday: Brazil Butt Lift Sculpt

Saturday: Snowboarding (maybe, if it doesn't happen I will put another cardio here)

Sunday: only yoga and light cardio.

6.) Stay on tap with my food journaling and bodybugg wearing!

7.) No sweets (besides fruit, of course)

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