Cute New Line Of Fitness Wear You Need To Check Out


As you may recall, last year I did a blog post about my favorite workout wear picks.  You can find this blog here ->

Since I wrote that article I've been introduced to a new line of cute workout wear that I was unaware of... Uffdaa Wear!  I'm really into cute fitness wear that I am just as happy to wear out into public as I am to my classes, and this really does that!

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They make long pants, capris, tanks, sports bras, and tees.  There are some way cute items in the sale section right now on their website too!  The are based out of Minnesota and are mainly found in that state, but their website does say that Lifetime Fitness carries their products.  So, perhaps check out a Lifetime Fitness around the Chicago area.  Otherwise, you can do all of your ordering online, and they are really good about shipping super fast!  They are true to size, as my pants from there are a size medium, which is 4-8 by their site list, and I wear a 6 at lululemon and an 8 in jeans.  Of course, if enough Chitown people write me and want to check out their products, I'd be more than happy to host a trunk show at my home studio!

Seriously, though, go check out their site for their current selection!  I really do love their style and I look forward to seeing new stuff as it comes out with each season!  Even if you do workout in your own home versus going to the gym, I think it's important to dress the part.  I am surely more motivated to workout when I LOOK the part.  When I am in sweats and loose fitted clothing I am more likely to lounge, but when I'm in flattering/cute fitness wear then I'm ready to rock my workout!

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