Healthy Snacks For Your Fitness Resolution

I'm sure that many of you out there have resolved to get more healthy in 2011.  For some people this means going to the gym, for others it means eating healthier... but, hopefully, for you it means both!  The combination of fitness AND nutrition is your ticket to accomplishment!

A lot of people, I find, don't really know what snack options they have, so I wanted to help you create a grocery list so that you can stock your cupboards full of healthy options and ditch the junk! 


1.) Veggies (for me, I like to always have carrots and celery around, because those go so well with either hummus or peanut butter!  Plus, you've gotta love "ants on a log.")

2.) Popcorn (get those little 100 calorie snack-pop bags)

3.) Yogurt (yogurt cups are great AND they help with your sweet tooth.  I like Greek Yogurts the best, personally.  Try to stick with natural yogurts so that you don't get any aspartame or high fructose corn syrup in your "healthy" snack).

4.) Kale Chips (I've posted about them before, but these tasty crunchy snacks are also a super food)

5.) Nuts & Seeds (crunchy and delicious AND they give you protein and healthy fats)

6.) Kind Bars (my favorite bar available in stores... these are natural and amazing)

7.) Cheerios (put a serving in a little baggie and enjoy!  My mom did this for me when I was a kid, so why not do it as an adult too?)

8.) Turkey Jerky (other lean jerky such as bison or venison would work well too.  A nice protein snack!)

9.) Fruit (an obvious choice... snack on fruit for those sweet cravings)

10.) Dry-roasted Edamame (even if you don't like these by themselves, try them on top of your salad in place of croutons... they are amazing that way!)

11.) Shakeology (this is my pic for meal-replacement and/or snack shakes.  I think mine daily and it helps me feel amazing!)

12.) Granola Bars (like with yogurt, try to stick with all natural bars)

Of course, there are more great snacks where these came from... but I just wanted to help get you started with some quicker grab 'n' go snacks!  Keep posted to my blog for even more ideas for snacks, meals and workouts!

Healthy snack tip...

Make things easy on yourself and pre-portion and pre-slice things.  That way, when you are hungry and want something quick you already have things to go.  Make small reusable containers and zip lock baggies your new friends :-)

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