Find Your Fitness Role Model

It's important, when setting fitness goals, that you know what you are going for as an ultimate goal.  Do you have someone who you really look up to?  Someone who inspires you to reach your own fitness goals?  If not, perhaps you need to find someone.  That person can be a celebrity, a trainer, a friend, or even an older photograph of yourself.  It's important when picking a role model, however, that you keep it real to yourself.  Make sure your role model represents a healthy image of what you are going for with your own fitness goals.

What is it about them that draws you to them?  What exercise programs do they follow?  Perhaps they can inspire you in your own selection of a fitness program.  I recommend making sure to choose a role model who does, indeed, follow a healthy regime of nutrition and exercise.  Someone who is just "naturally skinny" may not be a good person to choose as a role model because they have something that they didn't work for.  Find someone who worked hard for what they've got.  Put a picture of them somewhere where you can see it.  Use them as your inspiration to get working hard, sweating, and burning fat and building muscle to your ultimate goal body!

Want to know who some of mine are?


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