Fear Is Choice. Are You Going To Give In?

Hello, ChicagoNow!  It's been a while, I know.  Life has been keeping me quite busy, but I wanted to stop by to share a story with you that contains stuff you can apply to your fitness and weight loss journeys.

I want to talk about fear and choice.  You know that being afraid of something is a choice, right?  That doesn't mean it's a switch that you can flip "on" and "off," of course, but it does mean that fear is something that you can overcome and you don't have to let it control your life.  Most inaction in life occurs because of fear.  Let me give you an example...


I used to really hate winter.  Really, it's because I was afraid of it.  I didn't like being cold.  I was scared to drive in really snowy conditions.  I was afraid I'd have to get out and shovel lots of snow.... you know, things like that.  Well, this year I told myself, "Melanie, you are not allowed to complain about winter.  You are going to ENJOY winter this year!"  That seemed like a tall order for me, but I committed to it.  Because of that choice, I have to say, this winter has not been bad at all... in fact, I've rather enjoyed it.  I went to Old Orchard Mall during a snow storm.  I learned how to snowboard.  I've taken pictures of how beautiful winter is.  I challenged myself to overcome something I used to fear and hate and it turns out that I'm actually rather enjoying it.  So, all of these warnings over this blizzard that may or may not come don't scare me.  It's funny to see how many people freak out over predictions.  It's just snow, Chicago, you should know how to deal with it by now.

So, how does this apply to health and fitness.  Well, most people are afraid to get into it


because it means lifestyle choices.  Maybe you are afraid to sweat?  Afraid of that muscle burn?  Afraid that you might injure yourself?  Afraid that you won't be able to finish what you started?  No matter what it is you can make the same choice I made about winter in regards to your health and fitness.  In fact, I DARE you to!  Stop telling yourself that it's "hard."  Tell yourself that it's EASY!  In the same way that I decided winter is FUN, you can decide that exercise is FUN... and then live it!  I bet you'll find it's not as bad as you think, and you may even be someone, like myself, who becomes an exercise addict!  Choose to see the positive sides of things instead of the negative.  There is always a good side to the bad.  Sure, at times it may be small, but it's there.  Choose to focus on the good!    You should be more afraid of having to live the last half of your life on medications for illnesses that you could've prevented  rather than being afraid of picking up a couple of dumbbells.

What choice are you going to make this week regarding your life?  Make it a positive one :-)

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