A Healthier Replacement For Doritos?

Confessions of a former Dorito-holic.

It's true.  They used to be my favorite chip ever.  I could down a whole bag in one setting if you let me (of course, followed up by a wicked stomach ache).  When I decided to start eating healthier, however, I had to give up one of my favorite junk foods.  Improving my health became more important to me than frequently giving in to the siren call of my junk food cravings.  One thing I've learned since I've started eating healthier, however, is that there are many better-for-you options to some of my favorite junk foods.  However, Doritos were something I never found a replacement for.  For a while, Organic Doritos existed... but then they disappeared off shelves, and I never really knew why.


Well, I was surprised in Whole Foods today when I came across a display for Kettle Brand Tias A new all natural replacement for Doritos has been born!  I was a bit skeptical about the taste at first, but luckily Whole Foods had samples out.  I ended up buying two bags (they are currently 2 for $5 by the way).  I find that the Zesty Ranch are better than the  Nacho Cheddar (there are more than two flavors, those are just the two I tried), but they are both tasty.  So, I'm happy to now have a healthier snack option for when I have that Doritos craving.  The good news, too, is that Tias are free of MSG and hydrogenated oils!  So, have some fun!

Keep in mind, however, that portion control is still something to abide by, even when eating healthier foods.  It's still best to get the majority of your calories from whole foods (meaning, no processing involved at all).  Remember, you only get one body, so take care of it from the inside out so that it will continue to function at it's best for you... making you a happier and healthier human being.

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