Put Some Art Into Your Fitness

I'm back!  After going through a hard drive crash and then an internet failure, I'm finally back up online and ready to start blogging again!  Today, I want to talk about something that I LOVE to do! 

First of all, many of us have smart phones, and even if you don't, chances are that your phone still takes photos.  If not, you likely have a digital camera.  One of the things I absolutely love to do is take photos while I'm out on a walk.  Walks are a great way to unwind, de-stress, and get some low impact exercise.  However, some people tend to get bored with walking (hey, I admit that I can be guilty of this if I don't keep my brain engaged).  To eliminate that, why not add another activity to your walk?  Get artistic with your walk!  Get out that camera, or camera phone, and start taking photos of what's around you.  Get creative!  Start to take notice of the beauty around you!

Need ideas?  Why not creative a photo scavenger hunt?  If you can't come up with ideas, then ask your friends for some ideas of things to take photos of while out on your walk!

If you like to sketch, you could also turn your walk into a sketch crawl... just bring a small sketch pad and pencil and stop periodically to sketch what's around you.  Don't stop for too long, though, as you don't want the body to totally cool down.  Just get ready for quick doodles and sketches.

Here's some photos that I took while out on my walk around Evanston yesterday.


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