Bake Your Own Kale Chips At Home

I recently blogged about Kale Chips (see it here) and how wonderful they can be as a snack.  I had bought the chips from Kaia Foods (which are good, by the way) and was eating those.  However, a friend was over and saw the bag on my counter.  He then proceeded to ask me if I'd ever baked my own.  No... no, I hadn't!  Well, I had to change that.  I love making my own things, because the joy of making something at home is that you have the liberty to change and improve upon things as you desire!


So, off I was to search for the perfect Kale Chip recipe.  I went to my favorite website online for recipes,  I had a few recipes to choose from, but I usually go for the most basic and easiest to follow.  Behold ->

The thing I love about using these online recipe sites is that you can read through the comments to search for ideas that people have used to change up the recipe a bit.  Through reading those, you can usually come up with your own best way of doing it.

I will say that my first try was not bad, but not the best it could be, either.  I went a little salt heavy, which is funny because it didn't seem like I'd sprinkled that much on.  I think I also used a little too much oil.  They still turned out delish, however, and I look forward to making these again!  These could become your new favorite salty snack for yourself and for your family!

Come on, I dare you to try it :-)

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