Fitness At Home: Go Get Those Pigs!

It's been over a week since I've blogged.  As you could tell from my previous blog I've had some things happen in life that placed speed bumps for me.  We all have experienced this at one point or another... some of you may be experiencing this right now.

You may look back through my blog and thinking, "Geesh, a lot of her blogs seem to have to do with inspiration and personal development... I thought this was a fitness blog!"  You are right.  I do post about those things a lot, but this IS, indeed, a fitness blog. 

Why do I post personal development blogs a lot?  Well, usually, our biggest road blocks in achieving our goals is ourselves.  We can blame other people all we want for us not accomplishing what we set out to do, but the fact of the matter is that we are our own worse road blocks.  So, if you are not working out then stop blaming your job, your kids, your spouse, your life, your schedule... the fact of the matter is that, no matter what, your future is in YOUR hands.  It's not what happens to you in life, but how you handle what happens to you.


I got sidetracked last week.  I wasn't working out too much, and I was eating even less.  I was very low on energy and had headaches due to the lack of food and sleep.  It hit me this weekend, though, that I needed to stop dwelling on what was and start moving forward again.

It hit me full on when I was visiting an artisan booth at the Bristol Renaissance Faire.  I saw this little felt pig staring up at me.  This little pig reminded me of one of my mottos... GO GET THOSE PIGS.  So, I did.  I bought the pig, and I decided to start with a clean slate, work with what life has dealt me, and move forward with my dreams... even if they've slightly changed a little bit.

What the heck does GO GET THOSE PIGS mean???  Let me tell you the story of where this came from... I used to work in a retail specialty store downtown.  One of our frequent visitors was a couple... a couple of which the man always had on various forms of attire with pigs on them.  He had various pig hats that had the snout, ears and curly tail all sticking out.  He had pig ties.  He had more pig items than I knew existed.  I dubbed him as "pig man," because I never learned his name.  He always bought any items that had pigs on them that we had for sale in the store.  His love was apparent.

Most people may see someone like that walking around and they may snicker under their breath, seeing him as being silly.  I don't see it that way, however.  I see it as someone who is exceedingly confident in expressing something that he loves and he's unafraid of showing the world this love that he has.  Now, what is wrong with doing that!?  Nothing, I say!

Now, that's not the end of the story.  After having worked in this store for quite some time, I had learned through some fellow employees that he apparently carried around little pigs in his pocket, and when people complimented him or asked him about his pig apparel, he'd give them a little pig.  Get out of town!  How fun is that!?  Well, I think it's amazingly fun!  I set out to attain a little pig... it was my new mission.  I was actually kind of scared about approaching this man to compliment him on his pig apparel.  I know that sounds silly, but I was!  When you look at it this way, though... how many of us have silly fears in life?  Oh, I bet many if not ALL of us fear something rather silly and easy to accomplish in life.

When he came into the store again one day I set out to get my pigs.  I wasn't quite sure how to approach him to attain the pigs.  I decided to just ask if he needed any assistance.  When he say he was ok, I just told him, in passing, that I loved his pig tie.  Then, he reached his hand into his pocket, and he pulled out three glorious little pigs!  He gave me the little pigs and thanked me for my compliment.

I got my pigs!!!

I was afraid for really no reason at all.  I mean, how hard is it to compliment someone?  Why be afraid of that?  Why be afraid of LOTS of things in life that we are afraid of doing.  So, I created a new phrase... GO GET THOSE PIGS.  This is a phrase that even friends of mine have adopted now.  To me, GO GET THOSE PIGS, is what you do when you are afraid of doing something, but you go out and do it anyways because you KNOW there is a reward waiting for you.  Now, the reward is likely bigger than some little toy pigs, but the metaphor is the same, nevertheless.

I bet the "pig man" never thought that his little acts of kindness would spark such a blog... but it did!  I mean, if only we were all so confident in expressing ourselves!  If only we all didn't care what people think!  If only we all carried little presents around in our pockets to give to people in exchange for their compliment!  Seriously!  I really admire this man for his confidence and self expression.

Now, whenever I find myself being beaten down by life, I always remember the phrase GO GET THOSE PIGS.

What are your pigs?  In regards to your fitness goals, your "pigs" are the rewards of getting the health and physique that you desire from your workouts.  So, what are you afraid of?  What are you waiting for?  The reward is out there.  There are plenty of pigs to be had.  Go get them!  Go get those pigs!!!

Yes, this is silly, but I bet it brought a smile to your face... and if
that's the least I can do today, than at least I did something to
change the world...

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