Positive Affirmations... Set Your Intention

Positive Affirmations... Set Your Intention

The other day I went into lululemon to get myself a new pair of yoga pants (because I feel that you can never have enough pairs of awesome yoga pants).  As I was checking out I noticed a cup by the cash register that was full of positive thoughts... that is, folded up pieces of paper... and you got to pick one to take with you.  Most people may overlook something like that, but I thought it was fabulous.  On my way out I grabbed one for myself.  What did it say?



Ahhhh, the slogan used by Nike, but it's all too true.  I use this phrase a lot because it's something that we all need to do more of... just plain old DOING.  I find that we live in our thoughts way too much, and we rarely take action on those thoughts.  So, by saying JUST DO IT... get out of your head and put some of those good intentions to action!

I like this idea of writing down these positive affirmations and thought this could be something to take home with me.  How?  Well, it's very important to set your intention for the day early.  I mean, how many times do you get out of bed in a bad mood and you let that carry you through the day ("What, did you get up on the wrong side of the bed today?")?  Why not set a positive intention for the day when you get out of bed!?  If you start the day with the right mindset then you'll be less likely to get dragged down by some of the little insignificant disappointments you will likely run into during the course of your day.

What can you do?

On a bunch of little pieces of paper choose some of your favorite positive quotes and phrases... or even just a picture that will put you into the right mindset.  Put those in a bowl, cup, or wherever you want, near a place that you cross early on in the morning as you get ready for your day.  Each day pull one of those positive thoughts out and let that set your intention for the day.  Put it in your purse or wallet so that if you start to feel yourself getting dragged down you can pull it back out and be reminded of the mindset you chose to have for the day.  Take action... make your days more positive, more productive, more powerful... and you'll be a happier person for it!  Just do it.

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