Fitness at Home <3's SELF Magazine!


There are so many health and fitness magazines on the shelves that it's really hard to know which are the best ones out there to pick up and read.  I think I've read just about all of them and also been a subscriber to many of them over the years.  I have a few favorites, but I want to start out with a recommendation for one of the more general magazines when it comes to your health and well-being... SELF Magazine.


There are a few stand-out points about the magazine that make it a top pick for me.  These include:

1.) Tear-out workout cards
Each month the magazine has a tear-out page that consists of workout flash-cards.  These are brilliant!  Each sequence of cards equals a full workout, or you can use them to match and mix and build your very own workout!  As a fitness trainer, I've collected and filed these away, because they are great for me to keep learning new moves that are fun that I can fit into my classes!

The website that accompanies the magazine is great.  On their website you can watch videos of the exercises in the pages of their magazine (because sometimes a typed out description of a move just doesn't do the trick), join their online community, as well as enter their many contests!  That's just the tip of the iceberg, too!

3.) SELF Workout In The Park
How many other magazines out there do these types of events!  The workouts in the park are so much FUN!  Not only do you get to try out all sorts of styles of workouts from your local trainers and gyms, but you get oodles and oodles of goodies and samples to try!  It really is a fun day at the park!  I thoroughly enjoyed myself!  Check out their website at!  Sadly, these are done for 2010, but get on their email list so that you know when tickets go on sale for 2011, because Chicago is one of the stops!

Those are three of the big reasons why I love SELF Magazine.  On top of that, you'll find all sorts of snack tips, beauty tips, fashion tips, and more (which are not my top things to read in a magazine, but if you like those sorts of stories then it'll be even more up your alley)!  The subscription price is so cheap that it's really a steal!  So, I recommend subscribing to this magazine for some regular information and exercise fun!

I'll recommend some more of my favorite magazines in future blogs!  So, stay tuned for more great info and recommendations :-)

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