Dress For Success: Fitness At Home's Favorite Workout Wear!

Dress For Success: Fitness At Home's Favorite Workout Wear!

Does wearing frumpy clothing make you feel, well, frumpy?  I don't know about you, but when I put on loose fitting pants and a baggy t-shirt I just feel like lounging around and doing nothing.  So, why wear these clothes to workout?  How you dress can actually effect your thoughts, which can then, in turn, affect your actions. 


Maybe it's time to invest in some fun and funky workout clothing!  Clothing that not only looks great, but makes you feel awesome and ready to work hard!  There is a lot to be said about how our outer appearance makes us feel, otherwise we wouldn't get all gussied up to go out into public.  Plus, when you get good workout wear it also provides moisture wicking properties (making you FEEL better when you sweat... not nearly as gross!  This will also minimize irritation to the skin...) AND it will provide excellent support (meaning, that when you jump around you will get less jiggle, and that's a big plus in my book!).  It doesn't matter if you wear these clothes to a gym or stay at home... they will change your mentality!

Sure, good workout wear is expensive, but you get what you pay for.  Any of the more expensive clothing I've gotten has had a great life... in fact, I haven't had to get rid of any of it yet!  Keep in mind, that to keep your fitness clothes looking great for longer, you will want to wash them cold (either by hand or on the gentle cycle) and let them air dry!  This also helps any elastic clothing hold it's form for much longer.

I wanted to post my favorite workout wear, because I get complimented on my clothing a lot when I teach (surprising for a girl who's always had the fashion police just one step behind her).  Some of my favorites are not from places you can get from a mall, but they are clothing brands I discovered once I started attending fitness professional conventions.  So, keep on reading for my top picks for workout wear that is both fun and functional!



I first discovered Margarita fitness wear at the IDEA Fitness Fusion convention in Rosemont, IL.  I LOVE these pants!  I don't have any of their bras or tops, but I am sure they are just as fabulous!  You can combine them to create some really fun outfits!  Out of all of my yoga pants, these are my favorites.  They've held their color, their form, and they haven't gotten those little fabric pills... and this is after almost 3 years of regular wash and wear!  Keep in mind that they are sized 1, 2 & 3.  I, personally, wear a 2 (size 8-10 jeans).  These pants do stretch a lot without digging in or creating unwanted "bubbling" of the skin (yes, I'm saying SKIN not fat!).  These clothes cannot be found at a mall anywhere... you can get them online or at a fitness convention.  I recommend checking out Vuma Wear (http://www.vumawear.com).  Also check out the line by Brasil Sul while you are on that site!

PH8 (formerly Bebe Sport)


Want a little glitz and glamor in your workout wear?  For a long time I was seeing some fabulous fitness freaks wearing really CUTE clothing in some of my favorite home workout DVDs.  I didn't know where these clothes were coming from, until one day it was discovered that they were wearing items from Bebe Sport (now known as PH8).  I then came across the one out at Woodfield Mall, in Schaumburg, and enjoyed their clothes a lot!  The prices really are not all that bad, and you get can some steals in their sale area!  Their clothes are fun, colorful, shiney, and there is even some bling as well!  Check them out at Watertower, Woodfield, and Orland Square shopping centers, or online at http://ph8stores.com.



Athleta is a fitness/swim wear clothing that is a division of Gap.  I first discovered them by clicking a tab on The Gap's website.  Now, were clothing from Gap are usually a little more plain in color, the clothing from Athleta is actually really fun and funky with the colors and designs.  They have everything from yoga wear, to swimwear, to cute casual wear and dresses!  I now get their catalog in the mail.  They have some great stuff!  Check them out online at http://athleta.gap.com.



I first saw BaliDog pants advertised in Yoga Journal Magazine.  The ad was small, but it caught my eye because I love it when yoga pants have designs running down the side of the leg.  I didn't order any at that point, but I then got to see these in person when I attended the Yoga Journal Conference at the Grand Geneva in Wisconsin last year.  These pants are so fun AND they are hand painted!  So, not only are you going to get fitness wear that people can't help but compliment, but you are getting art!  These pants are cotton, however, so be very gentle in washing to preserve shape and color.  Check them out at http://www.balidog.com.



This is another clothing designer I discovered while attend the Yoga Journal Conference.  While Autumn Tenyl does have a limited catalog with each season, I absolutely LOVE all of her clothing!  There is workout wear to be had (cute pants and tops), but what I love most is her dresses!  They are made of a very durable and form fitting fabric that really holds up to wash.  No fading, no tearing, no losing shape... I LOVE these clothes.  You will pay designer prices, but they are worth it because of the quality of what you are getting.  I find the dresses to be very stylish and cute to be worn over my yoga pants.  I can looked dressy by day and just make a quick change for class at night.  Definitely check out Autumn Tenyl at http://autumnteneyl.com!



Turbo Wear is designed by fitness guru, Chalene Johnson (known for Turbo Jam, ChaLEAN Extreme, and Turbo Fire... and that's just her home workout series!).  When I got certified in Turbo Kick I discovered the glory that is Chalene's clothing line.  I always get complimented on these clothes, and they are very eye catching!  She has clothing for yoga, but also lots of fun clothes for those who teach Hip Hop style classes as Cardio Box classes (like Turbo Kick!).  Every year she premieres a new line of clothing at her fitness camp (Camp Turbo Kick - Do More!) with an awesome fashion show.  Immediately after the show the clothing racks are mawled and people go crazy for these clothes!  I will tell you... I wore a pair of the waffle cargo shorts back when I did the Avon Walk, and these puppies breathed so nicely that they stayed dry the whole time, and I didn't get any irritation on my skin from friction... brilliant!
Check out what is in season with Chalene over at http://www.turbokick.com/store/home.php?mode=home_custom!



Yet another line of great yoga wear that I discovered at The Yoga Journal Conference!  I bought a pair of their Tulip Pants, and I'm hankering for a pair of their Bloom Pants and Rib Cage Tube Top now!  You will get truly unique clothing at Foat Design, so be sure to check out their site at http://www.foatdesign.com OR in person at Sunshine Yoga & Spa in Orland Park!



Lucy Activewear, oh I how love your online sale area.  Granted, I love the Lucy stores as well (which can be found at many malls within the Chicago area), but I find that the best deals can be found online at their website (www.lucy.com).  Lucy just released their Perfect Core Pant this year... and if you are looking for a great control top pant that doesn't dig into the waste, then check these out!  They are flattering and fit well.  I'm also a big fan of their line of t-shirts.  They are cute, comfortable, and go great over my camisoles!  Be sure to check out their events at local stores, too, because you can find free fitness classes to take part of (Fitness Friday... the first Friday of every month!).  Good news for certified fitness professionals, too, because you get 30% off of all non-sale purchases (so make sure to become a LUCY PRO)!



Last but not least, is lululemon athletica.  I'd never heard of this store until one opened up right next to one of the gym's I teach at (score!).  The first thing that caught my eye about this brand is their manifesto, they had it plastered all over the windows before the store actually opened... I could tell early on that I was going to love it!  I am all about positive affirmations (see my last blog!) and they really embody this frame of mind!  However, on top of those positive affirmations, lululemon also has spectacular clothing!  They constantly get new items in, and sometimes things fly off the shelves so fast that if you don't pick up something you love while it's there, chances are it won't be there next time you are in the store (so, if you love it... get it!).  Lululemon also provides discounts for fitness professionals... so make sure to inquire about that if you teach classes or personally train!  Check out lululemon throughout the Chicago area (and don't miss their free class schedule on a weekly basis!) and online at www.lululemon.com!

Well, those are my picks!  If you have fitness clothing that YOU love, be sure to let us know why and post a link in the comments!



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