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Independent Supporter's Association statement on "editorial" and fan safety

The Chairman of the Independent Supporter’s Association/Section 8 Chicago has issued a statement regarding last week’s Fire “editorial” and fan safety. Below is the statement in it’s entirety:   “The past few years have seen steady positive growth in the relationship between Fire supporters, ownership, management, and security. The implementation of the club charter has... Read more »

"You're Not Going To See That At An NBA Game"

There are some talented individuals jumping and singing in sections 116-119 at the Harlem end of Toyota Park. Check out this rough cut of a film produced by Ethan Faure, Marlin Kolev, and Heather Eidson for a documentary production class at Depaul University. Nicely done! Living in the Red: The Chicago Fire Soccer Team Fan... Read more »

Some Good News and Some Not So Good News - Updated

Julian Posada attended Section 8 Chicago’s monthly board meeting tonight (along with Director of Soccer & Team Development Paul Cadwell and Vice President Emigdio Gamboa) and addressed a variety of issues while taking questions from the attendees.  I’ll get right to the highlights: The Fire will finally have a team store at Toyota Park.  The... Read more »

Section 8 Annual General Meeting and Training Notes

  Section 8 held their Annual General Meeting at the Bridgeview Sportsdome today in conjunction with a Fire merchandise sale and the team’s Saturday practice session.  The supporter’s group conducted the meeting to elect board members and representatives and address fan questions and concerns.  After attending the meeting this afternoon it’s evident how much work... Read more »