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A Look At The Fire's 2011 Salary "Cap" Situation

After the MLS Player’s Union released information on 2011 player salaries last weekend many amateur capologists (myself included) began crunching numbers, analyzing data, and speculating as to the “salary cap” standing of each team in the league.  It’s an exercise that’s rooted in educated guesses and assumptions based on the raw numbers presented by the union. It’s... Read more »

Players Union: "If we need to strike, we will"

The MLS Players’ Union voted in resounding favor of a strike if a new collective bargaining agreement isn’t reached before the start of the season — which is only two weeks away.  According to the Washington Post, 350 players voted in favor of a strike — with only two opposing a potential work stoppage.  This... Read more »

CBA Update: Union will let current CBA expire, Won't strike

MLS and the Players’ Union failed to agree upon a new CBA before last night’s deadline, but for now, there will be no work stoppage.  Here is the Union’s statement: The Major League Soccer Players Union (the “Union”)today announced that the collective bargaining agreement between the Union and Major League Soccer (“MLS”) will not be... Read more »

Do you believe in miracles?

Last night, some friends and I watched the U.S. Men’s Olympic Hockey Team take on Canada in the round-robin portion of the Olympic tournament. The young American team pulled off the big upset, beating Canada 5-3 to clinch the first overall seed for the knockout phase of the tourney. The game itself was electrifying. It... Read more »

MLS extends deadline for CBA talks... again

As I’m sure many of you have already heard, Major League Soccer and the Players’ Union have agreed to extend the deadline to agree to a new CBA from today to February 25th.  The new deadline was agreed to after blizzards blanketed the D.C. area — preventing all the necessary parties from being able to... Read more »

Learning to walk

> “We have advised our players to report to camp as planned. In the meantime, we will continue to meet with the league to determine if an agreement can be reached. As of this date, however, we have no agreement on a new CBA.” > > – MLS Players’ Union in a statement released last... Read more »

CBA Stuff

At the beginning of September, Chris Rolfe announced that he would be leaving the Fire in January to join Danish club Aalborg BK. Rolfe, who tried to negotiate an extension with the Fire for two years before signing with Aalborg, said his decision to leave MLS was motivated by a few things – one of... Read more »