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Mexico 5 -- USA 0: A Gold Cup Crushing

For those of you that haven’t heard, Mexico absolutely demolished the U.S. today in the Gold Cup Final 5-0.  Click on the link for ESPN’s match recap (if you even want to read about the drubbing that took place at Giants Stadium that is…). Mexico, who scored all of their goals in the second half,... Read more »

USA vs. Mexico -- The Gold Cup Final

The U.S. and Mexico face off today in the CONCACAF Gold Cup Final. Today’s match, which will be the second consecutive Gold Cup Final between Mexico and the States, is the first of two U.S. – Mexico clashes in a span of 17 days. The second match, which is a World Cup Qualifier, will take... Read more »

Mexico defeats Costa Rica in a thriller: Advances to Gold Cup Finals

Note: I originally had no plans to write about this match.  Then it decided to go ahead and get insane on me.  Read below for my recap of the game and get excited for Sunday.The CONCACAF Gold Cup: where crazy happens.   Now that’s not the official slogan of the biennial tournament that features the... Read more »

Gold Cup Semis Tonight at Soldier Field

Chicago’s getting a double dip of soccer action as the Gold Cup semifinals make their way to Soldier Field on Thursday for an exciting night of international soccer. I’ll be at Soldier Field for both the U.S. – Honduras match as well as the Costa Rica – Mexico game (look for a matchday post later... Read more »