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Central Midfield Discussion

Here’s an excerpt from Steve Davis’ “Talking Tactics” column on mlssoccer.com.  He addresses the same issue with the midfield spot that we’ve been discussing here. “New Chicago Fire manager Carlos de los Cobos wants more passing and possession at Toyota Park. I like the way he’s thinking, but does he have the right personnel? Can Chicago... Read more »

Sunday Musings

Here are are few Fire related items of interest :   Fire on TV Courtesy of En Fuego: Collins John will be appearing on tonight’s Final Word sports recap show on Fox Chicago.  Fox is actually one of the few local media outlets that has shown that they will cover the team with any regularity.  Carlos De... Read more »

Saturday Game Day

Here are a few notes before the match today……… The injury list for both teams: Colorado Out: M Ciaran O’Brien, F Ross Schunk Doubtful: G Ian Joyce Questionable: M Jamie Smith Probable: D Julien Baudet, F Conor Casey (foot sprain), F Omar Cummings (knee sprain) Chicago Questionable: M John Thorrington (quad strain), F Calen Carr... Read more »