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Updating the Krol Situation

*Very sorry this is going up so late. I had to deal with some issues and was kept away. Rest assured tomorrow will literally be chock full of posts. I’m planning on setting a record for number of entries. I intend to hold to that. On another note, this post is meant to update the... Read more »

Busch: "I'd just like to thank the [fans]"

It’s now gone official. The Fire has surprisingly released goalkeeper Jon Busch – starter of every one of the Fire’s league games in the last two years and the 2008 MLS goalkeeper of the year. Here’s how it all went down. **** After the Fire’s friendly against Notre Dame got cancelled on Saturday morning, goalkeeper... Read more »

A new left back?

Thought the Fire had their left back issue sorted out? Think again. Despite acquiring left back Krzysztof Krol via loan in January, Head Coach Carlos de los Cobos has his eye on another potential replacement – Deris Umanzor – for former Fire stalwart Gonzalo Segares. Umanzor, a 30-year-old Salvadoran defender who currently plays for C.D.... Read more »

Early returns

*So, apparently the deadline for roster cuts was not yesterday. Turns out the Fire’s press release was wrong and now I have a little bit of egg on my face **(EDIT — the Fire’s release was not wrong. The league changed the deadline at the last minute.)** Not the first time that’s happened…* > “I... Read more »

Krol's revelations raise some questions

When I first heard about the Fire’s interest in Krzysztof Krol, I assumed that the team was looking at him as a potential replacement for left back Gonzalo Segares. I stopped operating under that assumption a few hours ago, when I read Charlie Corr’s report in which Krol revealed that he has been playing primarily... Read more »

Training Camp Notebook

Photo of a church in Tempe, Arizona — where the Fire is currently in the midst of training camp. Today’s forecast for Tempe? Sunny with a high of 66. Chicago’s? High of 30 with a chance of snow. My jealousy? Off the charts. Every now and then, I enjoy starting off a blog post with... Read more »

A Retroactive Practice Report

I might not have been at practice yesterday, but I have a few updates from Wednesday’s training session thanks to the email report of a faithful reader who attended the session. Here we go… **John tearing it up –** Apparently, it hasn’t taken trialist Collins John long to get acclimated to the Fire. According to... Read more »

Preseason Storylines

Unfortunately I won’t be able to attend today’s Fire practice today at the MAX indoor facility in McCook (class beckons…). But that doesn’t mean I don’t have to post. So, with that, here are three storylines that should play out throughout the Fire’s 6-week long training camp. **1 — What will the final roster look... Read more »

An offseason assessment

With only one day left until the Fire officially kicks off its preseason schedule, the time has come for an assessment of the Fire’s offseason. And who better to evaluate the last few months than the man behind all the moves, Frank Klopas? Take it away Frank… “I think that we made very good decisions... Read more »


It’s been a while since I last spoke with Fire Technical Director Frank Klopas so we had a few things to catch up on when we talked today. First on the list was the Fire’s newest player, defender Krzysztof Krol. The 22-year-old Krol, who the Fire officially acquired on loan from Polish team Jagiellonia Bialystok,... Read more »