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Book Reviews : The Ten Shirt

As a self professed comic book nerd I can appreciate the concept of alternate realities and multiple universes.  That being said I’m generally not a big fan of sports fiction so this soccer book is a bit of a departure from the other efforts reviewed here.  Michael Maddox’s “The Ten Shirt” sort of made me... Read more »

Book Review : Star Spangled Soccer

  A few weeks ago I wrote a review of Beau Dure’s “Long Range Goals”.  Both Dure’s book and Gary Hopkins’ “Star Spangles Soccer” cover the growth and expansion of Major League Soccer but Hopkins expands his reach to include the growth of the game in America as a whole.  While Dure focused on Major League... Read more »

Book Reviews : Long Range Goals - The Success Story of Major League Soccer

  For those of you interesed in reading good soccer related material I suggested reading Soccernomics a few weeks ago (Sam also previously recommended it in a post a while back).  Since soccer related books seem to be popping up with some frequency, mostly due to World Cup excitement, I’ve been searching for US and MLS... Read more »