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Fire v Impact Match Preview

It may be easy to dismiss the Montreal Impact as an expansion team after watching their 2-0 loss in Vancouver last Saturday but as the Fire have learned in the past, it’s not so simple to discount the effect of playing on the road in a big opener for the opposing side.  This time the... Read more »

Frank Klopas Announced As Head Coach - Jersey Sponsor Near?

Thursday afternoon the Chicago Fire announced what many had been speculating would be the case for weeks. Owner Andrew Hauptman held a press conference to officially introduce Frank Klopas as the club’s permanent head coach, dropping the “interim” title he has held since the club released Carlos De Los Cobos on Memorial Day weekend some five... Read more »

Hauptman Remains Optimistic About 2011

Fire owner Andrew Hauptman remains optimistic about the club’s chances to compete for a playoff position this season despite the team’s 1-4-6 start and feels that under the direction of interim coach Frank Klopas the team can improve.  Hauptman was also complimentary of now former coach Carlos De Los Cobos although his hiring ultimately did not... Read more »

Fire v Sporting KC - Match Preview & More

Sporting Kansas City comes into town minus one famous “trialist” but they’ve still got some star power, particularly up front.  Chivas Guadalajara hero Omar Bravo is coming off of a 2 goal debut against the California version of the Goats although he should find the Fire defense tougher to beat than the mistake prone outfit... Read more »

Section 8 Town Hall Meeting

Section 8 Chicago has announced that they will be hosting a town hall style meeting next Friday before the home opener.  The meeting will be held at the Globe Pub in Chicago at 8 pm and will feature an opportunity for fans to grill the likes of Andrew Hauptman, Dave Greeley, Frank Klopas, and Javier... Read more »

Making a meal of it

As I’m on vacation, I won’t be able to attend tonight’s media dinner with Andrew Hauptman or Wednesday’s annual kickoff luncheon. Honestly, I’m pretty bummed out about missing out on the festivities. Both would have presented great opportunities to get some stories and to learn more about the Fire (yes, I still need to learn... Read more »

Learning to walk

> “We have advised our players to report to camp as planned. In the meantime, we will continue to meet with the league to determine if an agreement can be reached. As of this date, however, we have no agreement on a new CBA.” > > – MLS Players’ Union in a statement released last... Read more »

Looking long term

It’s been a week but I’m back and better than ever. My batteries are recharged and I’m raring to go. My fire is lit. > “The point is that soccer clubs, prompted by media and fans, are always making financially irrational decisions in an instant. They would like to think long term, but because they... Read more »

Hauptman's Response

I’m sure most of you noticed that last week’s edited version of Fire owner Andrew Hauptman’s letter to fans stirred up quite a bit of controversy on this site.  Well, it got people inside the Fire front office talking too and I’m happy to say that Hauptman got involved, writing back to me via VP... Read more »

Hauptman's Letter

On Tuesday, the Fire distributed a letter that owner Andrew Hauptman wrote to fans of the club.  The letter, which ran a relatively short 293 words, was sort of Hauptman’s wrap on the season.  It details how he felt after the Real Salt Lake game and reminds fans that the club is already working hard... Read more »