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Media Watch

Here are a few doozies…….. This guy thinks the Ryder Cup is exciting but soccer will never make it.  This is an unbiased article but it contains some truly assinine comments from the jackal known as Glen Beck.  Not necessarily negative, but a buzz kill nonetheless. This guy should probably stick to the NBA.  He’s... Read more »

Landon, Justice, and the American Way

  After 90 excruciating, nail biting minutes (not to mention a 4 plus day wait after Coulibaly-gate) Landon Donovan gave the USA a much deserved goal and passage into the knock out stages of the World Cup.  The goal and eventual result was a just outcome and has placed the beautiful game on the forefront... Read more »

World Cup Watch Parties IV

World Cup Watch Parties IV
USA v Ghana! The Fire and Section 8 are hosting a World Cup watch party on Saturday at Nisei Lounge (3439 N. Sheffield).  Nisei is also hosting Mexico v Argentina on Sunday. Fado Irish Pub, 100 W. Grand Galway Arms, 2442 N. Clark Ginger’s Ale House, 3801 N. Ashland The Globe Pub, 1931 W. Irving Park... Read more »

World Cup Watch Parties III

Fire/Section 8 Watch Party The Fire and Section 8 are hosting a watch party for the USA v Algeria match on Wednesday.  The party location is Union Park Lounge, 228 S. Racine, and will feature an all-you-can-eat breakfast buffet and 1 ticket for the Real Salt Lake match combo for $30.  If you plan on... Read more »

More Random World Cup Thoughts

Wednesday’s USA v Algeria match will take place at the same time as the England v Slovenia match.  ESPN will air the USA match at 8:30 am while ESPN2 carries the Brits.  We’ll know the fate of Group C by 10:30 on Wednesday….I’m counting the minutes.  It seems Bob Bradey is contemplating moving Clint Dempsey... Read more »

MLS Referees Can Now Say They Are Better Than World Cup Referees

I’m not sure when the last time this happened (if ever) but at the conclusion of the USA v Slovenia match today I was left pining for the likes of Brian Hall, Abbey Okulaja, Terry Vaugh, and Kevin Stott.  If FIFA is going to insist on assigning incompetent referees to World Cup matches it would... Read more »

USA v England

  The World Cup is finally here and the huge USA v England match is set for tomorrow at 1:30 pm.  Several watch parties are planned throughout the city, here’s a list of the big ones. The Fire is hosting a watch party with Andrew Dykstra and Kwame Watson-Siriboe in attendance at “Bull & Bear”... Read more »


Here are a couple of stories that are currently making the rounds… First, we have an update on the World Cup ticketing situation courtesy of the folks over at Soccer365.  I went through this very process back in 2006 (I failed to get tickets) and it’s a little bit tricky.  In order to be considered for tickets, you first... Read more »

Monday Morning (cough, afternoon, cough) Poll Question: Will the U.S. beat England?

Ever since Friday’s World Cup Draw placed the U.S. and England in the same group I’ve had one thought racing through my mind. Will the Americans baste the Cornish game hens of those limeys and trample their arses up and down the pitch? Or will the English reforge the bonds of the British Empire and... Read more »

World Cup Field Finalized; US Loses in Friendly

[Six teams qualified for next year’s World Cup in South Africa today](http://soccernet.espn.go.com/columns/story?id=685287&sec=worldcup2010&root=worldcup2010&cc=5901), finalizing the field that will compete in the first World Cup in African soil. France, Slovenia, Uruguay, Portugal, Greece and Algeria advanced to the finals ending the dreams of Ireland, Russia, Costa Rica, Ukraine and Egypt in the process. That means that Costa... Read more »