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Lessons learned?

> “This has been a culmination of our Mexico trip. We played a very good team and in preseason, results aren’t what’s important. We’ve used each match to evaluate the players and the way they fit with our strategy. Further, we look to make sure the analysis we’ve taken from training translates on the field.... Read more »

Moving on up?

Before ALS wracked his body and ended his playing career, baseball star Lou Gehrig was known as the Iron Horse for his incredible streak of 2130 consecutive games played. The story goes that Gehrig, who would go on to become one of the greatest hitters of all time, started his streak when regular first-baseman Wally... Read more »

Hauptman's Response

I’m sure most of you noticed that last week’s edited version of Fire owner Andrew Hauptman’s letter to fans stirred up quite a bit of controversy on this site.  Well, it got people inside the Fire front office talking too and I’m happy to say that Hauptman got involved, writing back to me via VP... Read more »

Hauptman's Letter

On Tuesday, the Fire distributed a letter that owner Andrew Hauptman wrote to fans of the club.  The letter, which ran a relatively short 293 words, was sort of Hauptman’s wrap on the season.  It details how he felt after the Real Salt Lake game and reminds fans that the club is already working hard... Read more »