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Star Wars and Soccer

This Adidas ad features the convergence of two of the best things in the galaxy…..Star Wars and soccer.  Star Wars, Daft Punk, Snoop Dogg, Franz Beckenbauer, and David Beckham…..crazy.

I'm Still Right Here

First of all I’d like to thank Sam for the effort, information, and enthusiasm which he provided here for the last eleven months.  I think you can all agree that the posts Sam provided (particularly recently) were extremely helpful for Fire fans who are routinely deprived of any real media attention and information in terms of... Read more »

My final post

I’ve thought about this, my last post on Fire Confidential, for a few weeks now.  I always thought I would go out with something poetic.  Something heartfelt.  That didn’t work out.  It wasn’t for lack of trying (I literally wrote, deleted, re-wrote and re-deleted a version of this post for 2 hours yesterday).  But I... Read more »

MLS expands Designated Player rule

[MLS announced this morning that the Designated Player rule has been expanded]( The new rule will allocate two DP slots to every MLS team (an increase from the one slot previously used) with an option for every team to buy a third slot for the price of $250,000. Furthermore, each DP signing will now count... Read more »

Red Bull Arena: "The place is first class"

This offseason, as the date when MLS would release the Fire’s full schedule approached, I began to think about a few matches that would really pique my interest — really get my juices flowing about the upcoming season. I wanted to know when the Fire would first play Philly, when the Fire would host Columbus,... Read more »

A new beginning

I have no idea how to write this post.  I wanted to do something clever, or sentimental, but everything I put on paper is coming off as lame and cheesy (not that I’m above being cheesy).  So, I’ve decided that I’m just going to come right out with it: I’ve taken a job covering the... Read more »

Offseason Review

After the Fire’s heartbreaking, penalty kick defeat to Real Salt Lake in the Eastern Conference Final last year, I passed by John Thorrington and his family in the Toyota Park tunnel. As I saw Thorrington – who had missed his penalty shot – from afar, the thought of what to say to him crept into... Read more »

Fire to play Dynamo in penultimate preseason friendly

The Fire announced last night that they will be taking on fellow MLS side the Houston Dynamo in their second-to-last friendly of the preseason. The match will kick off this Thursday at 7 p.m. at the Carl Lewis Track and Field Complex in Houston. The Fire had originally planned to travel to New Orleans for... Read more »

Afternoon notes

I went to U of I this past weekend and learned a couple of things about myself.  1) I am a klutz.  2) I have an astounding propensity to accidentally injure myself.  3) I am a huge klutz.  Now, let’s learn a couple of things about MLS – none of which have anything to do... Read more »

Fire to face FC Atlas Wednesday

The Fire announced this afternoon that they will play Mexican side FC Atlas in a preseason friendly on Wednesday morning. Kick off is set for 10 a.m. central time. Atlas currently sits in 9th place out of 18 teams in the Mexican primera division, but will likely play their reserves in Wednesday’s match. Expect the... Read more »