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Where have you gone Denis Hamlett?

When Denis Hamlett was let go by the Fire on November 24th of last year, my personal reaction was a bit mixed. I thought it was the right move for the Fire, but I was a bit sad to see Denis go. Though he could be pretty harsh to some journalists on the Fire beat,... Read more »

Hamlett's Dismissal: More than on-the-field issues

The Fire headed into this question with a few big questions on their plate. One of those questions was whether or not the club would renew Head Coach Denis Hamlett’s contract. That question was answered Tuesday afternoon, with the team electing to not bring the longtime member of the Fire organization back to Toyota Park.... Read more »

Denis Hamlett Out as Fire Head Coach

After two seasons at the helm, Denis Hamlett is out as Fire Head Coach. Hamlett, who took the Fire to two conference finals in his two year run as head coach, was told by Fire staff this afternoon that his expired contract would not be renewed this offseason. He will leave the club, effective immediately.... Read more »

Hamlett to meet with Fire Bosses Later this Week

The Fire’s front office brass and Denis Hamlett are scheduled to have a sit-down in the next couple of days to discuss the Head Coach’s future at the club. “We’re supposed to have a meeting in the next couple of days,” Hamlett said on Tuesday afternoon. “We spoke yesterday and decided that we want to... Read more »

What should the Fire do with Denis Hamlett?

Hey everybody, I have had an insanely busy last couple of days so unfortunately I wasn’t able to write a full entry for this morning. However, I didn’t want to leave the site blank for you guys so I thought I’d share a short — yet loaded — question with you all. You can check... Read more »

Ask Denis Hamlett

I’ll be talking with Denis Hamlett tomorrow so the time is now for you guys to pose questions to the Fire’s Head Man.  Try and post your questions by 10:30 a.m. tomorrow and I’ll do my best to get them answered.  No guarantees this time though, as I will be speaking to Hamlett via teleconference... Read more »

Mid-Week Update: Game 1 Reaction

Hey everyone, I just got off the phone with Fire Head Coach Denis Hamlett and I got quite a bit of reaction to the 2-1 Game 1 loss to the New England Revolution. A lot of the quotes are same old, same old from Denis (funny how that happens when the team struggles with the... Read more »

Ask Denis Hamlett

I’ll be interviewing Fire Head Coach Denis Hamlett tomorrow and I wanted to open the floor for you guys to pose some questions. Try and get your questions in before 11 a.m. tomorrow and I’ll do my best to get them answered. I’ll be starting the interview around 1 p.m. tomorrow so I should have... Read more »

Interview with Hamlett Tomorrow

Hey everyone, just wanted to open up the floor for any questions you have for Fire Head Coach Denis Hamlett.  I’ll be interviewing him tomorrow afternoon so get your questions posted by noon and I’ll do my best to get them answered.  Enjoy the rest of your Wednesday.  I’ll be back tomorrow.

Mid-Week Update: Injury Notes and Reaction to the New England Game

Now that I’ve finally spoken to Fire Head Coach Denis Hamlett, I can provide you guys with a couple of updates regarding the Fire’s injury situation and give some reaction to the 0-0 draw with New England this past Saturday. Here we go… **Injury Updates:** **Wilman Conde – Game day decision** Conde, who missed last... Read more »