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A whirlwind week

To say last week was a bit wacky for Fire forward Collins John is an understatement. Conflicting reports swirled around the 24-year-old Dutch forward, who began a trial with the Fire early last month, for a three-day period, and speculation about the ex-Fulham forward’s future ran rampant. Wednesday morning, the Washington Post reported that John... Read more »

It's official: John signs with Fire

Not really too much of a surprise here, but the Fire just announced that forward Collins John has officially signed with the team.  The signing puts an end to a whirlwind last few days for John — who was reportedly leaving for Europe on Wednesday, before changing his mind and resuming his training with the Fire, only to sign a deal... Read more »

John and Fire agree to tentative deal

The latest reports have Dutch striker Collins John and the Fire coming to terms on a tentative agreement. This could put an end to a wild last 24 hours in which John had reportedly ended his trial with the Fire, then hadn’t, then was working out a deal, and now — reportedly — has agreed... Read more »

John gone? Maybe not... (UPDATED)

Turns out this episode is starting to take a little turn…  Frank Klopas wasn’t available today, so I just got off the phone with a source familiar with the situation regarding Collins John.  Here’s what they had to say about the whole thing: “We made an offer to Collins and he’s considering it.  We’re continuing... Read more »

John and Fire can't agree to deal; John will return to Europe

*Apologies for the lack of updates yesterday. I had a very busy day and was unable to write as much as I would’ve liked.* Steve Goff is reporting that [Collins John and the Fire have been unable to agree on a contract]( and that John, who began a trial with the Fire this preseason, will... Read more »

John: Still in trial period

The Fire is sticking with the party line and telling me that the contract status of on-trial forward Collins John is still up in the air.  The Fire will continue to look at the former Fulham striker until the end of preseason, at which time they will make a decision on whether or not to... Read more »

No decision on John yet

Though Collins John has impressed thus far in his trial with the Fire, the team isn’t quite ready to offer him a contract quite yet. “We’re still just looking at him for now,” Frank Klopas said of the Dutch striker.  “We want to make the best decision for the team as a whole [so we’ll... Read more »

John looking for redemption

It’s been a long journey for Collins John. Bursting onto the scene in 2004 as a precocious 18-year-old, John quickly became a fan favorite at Craven Cottage. But despite displaying a solid strike rate and picking up two full international caps with Holland during his first year in the Premiership, the best was yet to... Read more »

Interviews with Klopas and John later on

I’ll be interviewing Fire Technical Director Frank Klopas and the on-trial forward Collins John later on this morning (hopefully at around 11:30…) and I plan on having a post up shortly thereafter.  If you’re reading this before noon, go ahead and pose a question to either Frank or Collins (or both…).  I’ll do my best... Read more »

A Retroactive Practice Report

I might not have been at practice yesterday, but I have a few updates from Wednesday’s training session thanks to the email report of a faithful reader who attended the session. Here we go… **John tearing it up –** Apparently, it hasn’t taken trialist Collins John long to get acclimated to the Fire. According to... Read more »