Paunovic not happy with Fire's 2-1 win over San Jose

The Fire won a game they had to win by defeating a weak San Jose side at home but Veljko Paunovic wasn't happy with his team following the match. The coach cited a lack of seriousness and professionalism in closing out the contest. The Fire took a two-goal lead on scores by Alan Gordon and Aleksandar Katai but a 74th minute turnover at midfield got the visitors back into the match.

You can see Paunovic's full press conference here.

Fire lineup

GK McLain (Sanchez 44'); Ellis, Kappelhof, Vincent, Corrales; Bronico, Schweinsteiger, Adams; Katai, Gordon (Nikolic 64'), Solignac (Campos 79')

Subs not used: Campbell, Conner, Tchani

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  • This team is so boring. I left before Niko was brought on yesterday because they are not fun to watch. There isn't a single player on the field who is exciting to watch. They all do the same thing all of the time. Pass it sideways or backwards and then try and switch the field. The switch is almost never the right distance or pace. They play these long balls that no player has any chance to do anything with it afterwards. Whats the point of playing a 50 yard ball if there is no possible end result that is successful? I let out a "Are you kidding me?!" when Bronico came back and received the ball from a center back, with nobody near him, took a touch that a high school player would have been disappointed with, and then played a 30 yard ball back to Sanchez. Simple 10 yard passes to feet are being controlled under their feet so they need to take another 2 or 3 touches to be ready to pass it right back where it came from. If the trap is not under their feet, it is belly button high and they lose the ball. I keep going back to watch them hoping that it will be different. Wishing that they are better soccer players. Then I see them lineup with 5 in the back for the SJ kickoff and get brought back to reality. This team is depending on Alan Gordon to score goals. Alan. Gordon. Our attacking 4 yesterday was Alan Gordon, Katai, Solignac, and Bronico. This team is excited that Luis Solignac is back and can start. Luis. Solignac. We just played Brandon Vincent at center back last night. He is an average, at best, left back. This team is just not good enough and there is no hope in sight.

    I'm glad to hear that Pauno is annoyed with these players. They are not good enough. He needs to start naming names and calling these players out. That SJ team was a joke last night and we didn't look much better.

    We also have to go bring this team over to Germany to play against Bayern. I don't care if it is Bayer's u14's that play against them, we will do nothing but embarrass ourselves.

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