Fire ride Ellis' heroics to 1-0 win over Impact

Three points were rescued from a match that looked destined to end in a scoreless draw when Kevin Ellis' 89th minute shot was deflected into the Montreal net. The Fire controlled most of the match but neither team was able to generate much in clear chances until some of the Fire's youth injected some energy into the game.

It was a must-win game for the Fire at home with three of the next four games on the road.

Fire line up

Sanchez; Ellis, Kappelhof, Lillard, Vincent; Adams (Johnson 82'), McCarty, Schweinsteiger; Gordon (Collier 61'), Katai, Nikolic (Campos 72')

Subs not used: McLain, Tchani, Campbell, Bronico

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    What has happened to this. post? Have Fi re fans given up,
    haven't seen many comment here f or the last several weeks.
    In the past there would have been numerous comments to each Fire Confidential posting, now there is none or only several..

  • Let's face it, after Guillermo (and Jeff?) started writing for another site, other than the excellent previews there just isn't a whole lot of content over here.

  • In reply to Fuegofan:

    I've noticed the drop-off as well, and I think you're right about the change in priorities.

    Obviously, though, I think we all really appreciate GR's work, and I'm sure most of us don't blame him for pushing his content over at TheAthletic. He deserves to earn more (readers, $$$, recognition, etc.), and I'm happy for him that TheAthletic seems to be bringing that his way. I assume most of us feel that way, even if it is a bit sad to see less content over here.

  • In reply to the1985tim:

    Posting less here was definitely a consideration when I took on The Athletic but I wanted to keep this going with previews, video, photos, etc.

    Thanks for reading as always!!

  • In reply to Fuegofan:

    How about the match photos?

  • To me, Mo Adams was MOTM against Montreal. His blanketing of Piatti reduced the effect of the Impact offense tremendously.

    Pauno’s brilliant defensive tactics included moving Schweinsteiger up from his recent position as libero to release Adams for 1-on-1 duty. Basti didn’t have a great game, but Dax did, and on the infrequent occasions when the Impact reached the final third Kap, Lillard, and the ever-alert Sanchez were up to the task.

    There were downsides to this formation. Gordon was no more effective as a starring forward than Collier has been; Solignac’s impending return will be welcomed. Katai is talented but inconsistent. All that, combined with lack of service and surpringly effective defense by Montreal, rendered Nico ineffective. Pauno certainly must be considering all that in preparing for the Columbus match tomorrow.

    Finally, kudos to the coach for bravely replacing Adams with Johnson late in the game. He went for all three points, and he got them.

  • Montreal was a disaster. They did absolutely nothing against us. They dribbled out of bounds, played long ball after long ball and created nothing all game. It still took us to the 89th minute to score a deflected goal. Niko did absolutely nothing all match and then walked off when being subbed. If he doesn't score, he is a useless player. When his goals dry up, he doesn't offer the team anything else. Thankfully, he is scoring a lot of goals (for the most part). Alan Gordon is Alan Gordon. We knew what he was going to bring to the table when we signed him. A player to play long balls into. We're depending on him to be play significant minutes, and that is a problem. Daniel Johnson created more opportunities in 10 minutes of play than we did in the other 80 minutes. He should be starting today. He took people on, made forward passes, and put in crosses. This team has absolutely zero creativity. Dax and Basti are both very good possession players. They are good at winning the ball and keeping it. They are not good at creating scoring opportunities. Can they do it, yes because they are good players. They should be the two holding midfielders and someone else, who is more creative with the ball, should be playing in front of them. We set up so defensively it is frustrating. Mo, Dax, and Basti are all three defend first midfielders. Add that to the back 4 and we have 7 outfield players whose first instinct is to defend. That first 15 minutes on Wednesday was so boring I didn't know what to do. I wish someone had a stat on how many passes Kap and Lillard had to each other Wednesday. I'm sure that number was a lot bigger than the amount of touches Niko and Gordon had all game.

    I really do not like where this team is right now and it doesn't seem like it is going to improve at all.

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