Sporting Kansas City 4 Fire 3 - post game video

Shaky defending from both sides in the second half led to a wild seven-goal season opener for the Fire. They trailed 2-0 after a lackluster first half but charged back in the second with three consecutive goals before allowing two late SKC tallies to drop the decision.

Catch post game video comments from Dax McCarty here and Nemanja Nikolic here.


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  • Dean is still not the answer at CB. Coach needs to see that. Defense looked like HS at times.

  • Totally agree re Dean. Decent backup but not a starter. He's just too slow. Poster did not look himself. He looked like he was hiding an injury. The way the game went it felt like we lost twice. Totally disappointed.

  • That first half was as bad as the playoff game last year. Absolutely no movement. Every player was taking 4 to 5 touches and then looking backwards until our center backs played a long ball. A 40 yard pass on the ground beat our entire team, which lead to the first goal. More terrible defending lead to the 2nd. We were a possession-based team who could not make 3 passes in a row. We looked lost and confused in the first half. And that goal kick by Sanchez that almost went out for a corner was the most entertaining thing the Fire did that first half.

    First 30 minutes of the second half were completely different. Players were taking 1 and 2 touches and moving the ball quickly. We were sending in crosses and playing defense-splitting passes. It lead to 3 good goals, one of them coming from a corner! Haven't had that happen in years!

    Then, Sanchez happened. Sanchez is worse than Lampson. He cannot be our starter next week. When players are desperately throwing their bodies in front of shots, it's because they have no confidence in the keeper. That "save" he made leading to their third goal was laughable. He was out passed his 6 yard box and smacked it down to the top of the 18. Absolutely shocking. We have seen what happens when you have bad goal keeping in key times of the year. In the beginning last year with Bava, and at the end last year with Lampson. Bad keepers cost you games. Good keepers, keep you in the game and earn points. While all of the goals are not Sanchez's fault, the key goal was. Remember, he was the backup to Matt Lampson last year and Matt Lampson is not a good goal keeper.

    Finally, Pauno put his nice little touches on the match by switching to a 3-5-2 directly after giving up that 3rd goal. This was an insane decision made by someone who is in over their head. They were clearly the most dangerous on the wings and on the counter in the second half. 1 minute after making that ridiculous decision, they hit us on a counter with nobody out on the left for us. 1V1 on the wing and he gets beat and plays a cross which then gets finished on the empty right side of our defense. It was a completely asinine decision which he then fixed 3 minutes later, but the damage was already done.

    This team is a CB, attacking mid, winger, and a few decent attacking options off the bench away from being good.

    What are the goals for the club this year? It can't possibly be a playoff appearance again, right?

  • Calling that defense shaky is an insult to people who have the shakes.

  • Unable to watch game. Who looked the best out there? tia

  • Going to write off the 1st half as season opener nerves, where everyone's touch was way off.
    2nd half was much cleaner, and scoring 3 goals should be enough to win games.
    Goals 3 and 4 are on Sanchez. 3 was a smart play but poorly executed, and 4 he was caught dead flat footed on his line, didn't even flinch. We really need a professional quality keeper.

    OT I am quite pissed about the new way to watch.First we had the games on ch50, which was great , could put a tv in the yard on Saturday summer nights. Then the move to cable/subscription. Again, fine, most of us have it, as do most bars /restaurants if you wanted to go out for a match. For many years I have even purchased the MLS package on Direct TV, and yesterday's Fire game was blacked out ! If that is the way it is going to be from now on looks like this is the last year for that expense. I get that from a money perspective it was a good deal for the Fire, but at what cost? When you are not even close to packing them in every game seems you want to make your product more available to the masses in hopes to generate more interest, not making it more difficult to watch. (Ask old man Wurtz how that worked out for him and his product's image which took almost 20 years to repair). We fans are not all 20 somethings who want to stream or go through a process to watch a game, we just want to turn on the big screen. I know my older Fire fan relatives aren't going to do the "streaming " thing, sure they are not the only ones either
    Rant off.

  • In reply to Fireman1:

    You have to understand...

    CF97 ownership, management, & PR department have a carefully cultivated reputation to maintain. That greatly outweighs the interests of us mere athletic supporters.

  • The espn+ streaming option or whatever it is on xfinity was free for yesterdays game, so my DVR caught it while I was freezing at Toyota Park for what was the equivalent of 20 minutes of good soccer and a team that spent to much time with trialists and not enough time getting the starting 11 ready during preseason. Putting aside the whole, "you want me to pay more now to see fire away games? Are my season tickets not enough for you?" argument, the quality of the broadcast was piss poor. It was obviously a port over from a stream with not enough bandwidth to handle what was already obviously not a HD presentation. If this is the quality of video that we can expect, Fire management should be greatly ashamed of themselves. I could have had a better quality broadcast from my cell phone.

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