Fire and Nashville FC play to scoreless draw

The Fire's second to last match in Florida resulted in another less than impressive outing against lower level competition. The 0-0 tie versus Nashville FC got off to a slow start. The first half of the match featured very little offensively from either side with the Fire fielding mostly reserves and trialists to begin the game.

Bastian Schweinsteiger made his preseason debut as a second half substitute and was involved in the team's two best chances of the game. A dummy run over a free kick in the 81st set up Diego Campos for a well taken dead-ball attempt and a spectacular switch of possession in the 85th led to another good chance.

Jonathan Campbell joined the growing list of players on the team's injury report when he left the match with an apparent head injury in the 54th minute. Matt Polster, Grant Lillard, Daniel Johnson, Luis Solignac, and Josh Gatt did not suit up, presumably due to injury as well. Dax McCarty and Alan Gordon were also not in uniform.

Fire first half line-up

Cleveland; Conner, Campbell, Dean, Vincent; Bronico, Castro; Ruiz, Bakero, Campos; Collier

Second half

Sanchez; Ramos. Kappelhof, Campbell (Dean 54'), Corrales; Adams, Conner; Bakero, Schweinsteiger, Campos; Nikolic

The Fire play their final game in Florida on Saturday morning at Orlando City. The match will not be streamed online.

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  • Guys. Nashville was a better team than the fire in this game. Sad season coming down the road. accam wanted alonger salary.

  • In reply to Brokerman:

    I agree, but I still have blind hope that if our first team was out there we would have dominated. Basti looks to be really out of shape. If the Fire need depth, why don't they just sign the entire Nashville starting eleven?

  • Basti is BY FAR the best player in the league. If any of you haven't watched the last 45 minutes of the game do it. Man, I forgot how good that SOB is! Yeah, it was against a minor league team, but he was pulling the same sh-- last year in the MLS. CLASS, CLASS, CLASS! Fire will always be competitive with Basti in the lineup.

  • Guys Bastic will only play 12 games then what. His history is constant leg injuries that take longer and longer to heal. We could be starting up to 4 new 2nd team all americans on our starting team. All of that with a very unimaginative coach and a GM that is more interested in his attire than his team. The owner has to be putting the team up for sale there is not other explanation for his lack of interest. Imagine the cubs or the bears entering the season without a full squad. My business is involved with a company in Iceland. Whenever they ask me if we have a team in Chicago.o I say no. Last night in my frustration I wrote to Nelson and applied for a position on the team as a player. I am 69 years old but can still run 3 miles without stopping and I can cover my own expenses. In addition, my wife is a retired Physical education teacher with a PHD. I told Nelson that she could work as a trainer again for free as she has a retirement. Do you think he will order me a uniform

  • In reply to Brokerman:

    This made me laugh!

  • In reply to Brokerman:

    If that Icelandic company's name should happen to be something like Genesis Mining, you are to be applauded.

    In other news, the MLS analyst team has the Fire pegged for 7th place in the East.

    Their lack of faith disturbs me.

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