Fire trade Accam to Philadelphia Union

Nelson Rodriguez continues to wheel and deal on SuperDraft days. The Fire not only added two players in the first round but they have also traded David Accam to the Philadelphia Union for $300,000 in General Allocation Money and $900,000 in Targeted Allocation Money. It is the second largest sum exchanged by two MLS sides in one transaction.

The trade leaves the Fire with a huge stash of Allocation Money and plenty of roster spots yet to be filled.

Wake Forest forward Jon Bakero was selected with the fifth pick overall after a trade with Minnesota United. The Fire sent $75,000 in GAM, $100,000 in TAM, the 15th overall pick, and goalkeeper Matt Lampson to the Loons in order to move up and pick Bakero.

They also traded $85,000 in GAM to Real Salt Lake for the 10th pick in order to select Syracuse midfielder Mo Adams.


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  • GR, what are they going to do without Accam's production? This is the craziest trade I can imagine. That is a ton of TAM and GA money though. What do they do with that? It better be good!!!!!

  • Should note that Dom Dwyer deal for $1.6m in allocation money included $700k of performance based incentives.

  • I'm crushed that Lampson is no longer on the roster.

    Not really.

    Secondly: That's a lot of Garberbucks!

  • Well I hope we use some of the MLS funny money to get an experienced keeper.
    Not going to lose any sleep over Accam. Yes he was fast and scored on occasion, he also easily lost possession 9/10 attempts and was an ego that disrupted the team. Hopefully when he visits Polly knocks him on his...

  • In reply to Fireman1:

    Please tell me Polly isnt Polsters nickname...hard pass on that one haha

  • Guillermo, if you get a chance to interview NR can you please ask him why he traded his most dynamic player? Why in the "sh-- or get off the pot" year of his rebuild he would give up 14 goals 8 assists in 30 games? WTF?

  • As previously stated in these threads, Accam wanted out a long time ago. Getting snubbed for all star spot was just the icing. He's not good enough to play in top tiers in Europe. Way too small and gives up the ball way too easily. He can't dice up defenses and still make 5 bad touches and 5 bad passes in those leagues. In the MLS, he can always bag 10-15 goals a season and be a millionaire.

  • Futboljunky, I respect what you said and I am bitching a little bit. But couldn't NR come up to him Accam a week before All Star break and said, "Wow David, you are having a helluva year! 12 goals and 6 assist with a week to go until the All Star game. Say listen, how about a three year extension just over a $1 million dollars a year. I mean you're already 27 years old and might have a hard time breaking in overseas. Waddaya say ALL STAR! That's right, you are going to be the starting RW at Soldier's Field! How about that!?!"

  • In reply to go fire:

    Didn't they offer him a new deal but he turned it down because he wanted close to 2 million a year? I thought I read that somewhere. Either way, losing Accam is not the end of the world but it does leave this team with zero going forward. Alvarez and Solignac are our starting wingers right now. That won't lead to any goals so thats a problem. Accam is build for a counter attacking team. This team, with BS and Dax, are built to be a possession based team. If you look at Accam's numbers, they were very good at the beginning of the season and then quickly faded away. When the team was playing well, he was playing well. When the team needed him to be a DP, he was there to put the team on his back and pull them out. Getting 1.2 for him and freeing up a DP spot is a great deal. They need to do something with that but bringing BS back is a very positive move. Bakero looks like a good player and can hopefully fill in, at times, that second striker role the De Leeuw was playing. It was a successful draft day. Here's to hoping they make the right moves. A long playoff run or bust this season IMO.

  • In reply to Rubberbandman189:

    Alvarez was traded to Houston on 12/10. I, too, don't see losing Accam as the end of the world. When he scored it was great, but mostly he just gave the ball away too cheaply by trying to dribble through multiple defenders.

  • In reply to Rubberbandman189:

    You're right Rubberbandman. Just gotta trust the process. NR and Pauno seem pretty competent. Hell, they brought in Basti, Niko, and McCarty. Alot of talent in the world. Maybe they can swing a couple of Victor Vazquez types in a couple of weeks.

  • In reply to Rubberbandman189:

    I like that NR / Pauno are willing to take risks and build something new versus try to hold on to something and try to make it work. Reflecting Go Fire's words, there's a lot of soccer players out there.
    Hell, I bet there's even a good goalkeeper or two. ;)

  • Hard to disagree with many opinions on here, but this trade does have me nervous. Sure we got plenty of funny money but whats that 1 in the hand versus 2 in the bush sayig? Giving up that much production (even though it was one dimensional, come on the guy isnt Oduro) is tough. They better see some results from the rookies and they better add 2 to 3 more starters with that money. We now have 0 wing players, a rookie starting in 2 lines, an unproven keeper, and 0 depth....lets see how far they stretch that $1.2

  • In reply to AJties:

    Totally agree. My thoughts on Accam are that his totally selfish play was much dimished last year versus his first two years. In other words, I saw improvement in his teamwork so that I had hopes this year that that teamwork would continue to improve i.e. less trying to dribble through two players. I think theFire need to add at least 10 players.
    It would be nice to get to a point in the league where there isn't massive turnover of rosters year in and year out. This mad scramble is very frustrating. I only see it getting worse as the league expands. I would add one more team to balance the conferences then put the brakes on expansion for quite a while.

    When will we see any movement on new signings? March 10th is just around the corner!

  • In reply to Krasov:

    They needed to put a halt to expansion 3 or 4 teams ago. There isn't enough MLS quality US players to have this many teams. They need to change the rules or something if they are going to keep adding new teams. Thats a different topic altogether.

    As for Accam, if he doesn't score or assist he doesn't add to the team IMO. He's not good at keeping possession. He's not good at winning the ball back. He's not good at winning the first ball and he's not good at playing simple. Those are all things that they team is being built to be. Does that make him a bad player? No, not at all. When this team was playing very well at the beginning of the season, it was because we were mentally destroying teams with our possession. There was nothing they could do because we had the ball and were just waiting to score. We knew we were going to score and they knew we were going to score. That changed after the all star break for some reason. We began playing more direct and we became easy to figure out. We would play long ball after long ball and it was back to the same old Fire at the end of the year. The team was fun to watch because they were playing the game the right way, IMO. Keep the ball and break down your opponent. Accam is not that type of wide player. His first movement is to run over the top and hope for a long ball. He's an exciting player and I'm sure he will do just fine in Philly but I like the different direction from a soccer aspect. The money is a huge deal too. I'm curious to see what they do with it. Quintero would have been so nice. They need to start making some big time moves though. Miram from CLB?

    Ozil is out of a contract in June... Would fit nicely in that midfield.

  • In reply to Rubberbandman189:

    Good points on style and direction. I hope they dont get Miram. I dont think he's consistent enough. Id rather have Nguyen from NE (im curious to see how that drama ends).

  • In reply to Rubberbandman189:

    On another site they mentioned the Fire not drafting any wingers and acquiring more possession oriented players might lend itself to a 4-4-2 double six formation. I guess in this scheme ball possession and play making ability are at a premium. Also, assuming Basti and McCarty play the back two, it might help save their legs more than the 4-2-3-1 we played last year. For the hell of it, say Lucho and Nico are up top and Basti and McCarty are in the back, if you could only have one of Meram or Nguyen who would you choose and why?

  • Guillermo, hope you had a nice trip. Is there any news about who the Fire might pick up this window? ANYTHING!?! If not just make something up. Thanks.

  • In reply to go fire:

    Working on getting you guys an update

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