Fire 2018 jersey first look

Fire 2018 jersey first look

A tipster has provided Fire Confidential with a photo of the Fire's new primary jersey for 2018. The most notable change is the enlarged white stripe with larger sponsor logo. The solid white trim is clean but the blue three-stripe shoulder element probably would have been better served in white.


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  • Agree on the shoulders.
    I do like the throwback element that the enlarged off-white gives (if it is in fact off-white.)

    Not the worst, but not my favorite.

  • In reply to BrianC.:

    I think it's more white in reality. The color in the photo is slightly off.

  • Guys man there is really nothing about the coming season. When you think about it the team went on a real downslide at the end last year when a few players got injured and there has been no moves in the team to make them any better. one injury to just about any starter and the team is screwed. Its exciting to see the league manuver to get these good young players and the fire have done absolutely nothing. The addition of a few NCAA players is not a replacement for Accam and experience players. I smell the owner of the team saying all we have to do is get in the playoffs to satisfy the Chicago Soccer fans. Some Fans might forget that they got slaughtered by the young fast and well coached Red Bulls at home last season I think this season there is going to be a real race to see which is the worse team Colombus who had to trade their excellent players because of a stupid owner or the fire who have given up before the season has even started.

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