Fire 2 Galaxy 2 - recap and ratings

Even before they took a 2-0 lead, this game represented the Fire's best chance to get something out of one of three consecutive road games. Chicago squandered an early two-goal lead and dropped two points that they are surely going to need come October. Los Angeles is a team in flux that isn't playing well and the Fire failed to put them away.

Like the Montreal home game earlier this season, the Fire missed a chance to put away a team that they needed to beat. Line-up changes at the two weakest spots in the starting eleven resulted in better open play defending but set-piece defending was exposed in two botched zonal marking sequences.

Like the Montreal game, New York last week, and this game, the Fire will rue more dropped points with a quarter of the season already gone.

Player ratings

GK Matt Lampson (5) - In his first start of the season in place of Jorge Bava, Lampson didn't record a save but didn't hurt himself in a case for another start. Both Los Angeles goals came as a result of sloppy zonal marking on corner kicks. There could be some discussion had about positioning and control of the box but it's difficult to fault him for either score.

D Brandon Vincent (4.5) - With Harrington out of the line-up Los Angeles had a lot of their success on the Fire's left side. A 10th minute cross that narrowly missed Nikolic was the highlight of Vincent's night. Appeared confused and left the far post unmarked in the 65th, which allowed dos Santos a wide open tap-in. Struggled to stop crosses from his side and LA moved Alessandrini there to get him more involved.

D Joao Meira (5) - The Galaxy were limited in open play chances. Meira contributed with 5 clearances, 5 interceptions, and 5 recoveries but he did lose the initial challenge for the ball on the second LA goal.

D Johan Kappelhof (5.5) - Played a big part in cutting off LA chances and limiting them to zero shots on target in open play. In the vicinity of the first LA goal, which was collectively botched in zone marking.

D Drew Conner (5.5) - Didn't provide much going forward but had a solid debut at right back in place in of Harrington. Did well in several 1v1 situations against Alessandrini in the early going.

M Dax McCarty (6) - Completed almost 90% of his passes, which was well above the team's overall 78% total. His pass in the 16th freed Accam on the run leading to the Fire's second goal. Chip pass for Solignac in the 76th set up a chance.

M Juninho (5) - Like McCarty, he completed passes at a high rate but didn't figure into as much successful play as his midfield partner. Also caught standing in place on LA's first goal. One long distance shot attempt in the 8th minute was just wide.

M Bastian Schweinsteiger (5) - His influence has waned in each of the three road games. An attempt at a through ball for Nikolic nearly generated a chance but there weren't many good looks for the Fire in the second half when LA turned momentum in their favor.

M David Accam (6) - Converted a penalty kick (twice after his first attempt was whistled off) in the 12th and set up Nikolic for the second goal with a run up the left side in the 16th. Created a chance in the 53rd with his pace but his shot was steered away by Rowe. Curiously substituted off in the 69th.

M Luis Solignac (5) - His header off the post in the 76th was the Fire's best chance of the second half. Another well struck long distance shot was nearly mishandled by Rowe in the 66th. LA's first goal came from the spot in between Juninho and Solignac ball-watching with Conner already on the near post.

F Nemanja Nikolic (6) - Created the first Fire goal when he was tripped in the box for a penalty. Scored the second on a well placed shot in the 16th. Did very well in combination with Accam while he was on the field. Pushed too far ahead in second half stoppage time, nullifying a potential game winning chance.

M Michael de Leeuw (5) - Replaced Accam in the 69th. A loose ball attempt in the 83rd was blocked and a long shot on frame was right at Rowe in the 91st.

D Jonathan Campbell (5.5) - With the Fire getting roasted on set pieces and aerials ball, Campbell was inserted into the match for Conner in the 75th. Decent stop on Zardes in the 78th.

M Arturo Alvarez (5.5) - Came into the match in the 88th for Juninho. Found Nikolic for a chance after a combination with Schweinsteiger but the forward was just offside.

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  • Over the last number of years, the fire have had this habit of making improvements for a short of amount of time and getting my hopes up for what I want to believe is true improvement in the team. Then, inevitably... when the team feels like its just has/is about to turn a corner, the team regresses back to the mean (which apparently is basement dweller) and crushes all my new found hope. I truly was expecting to walk away with more then 1 point from this road trip. But alas, we have fallen back to our inability to close out games. Should have had 4 points. 3 points dropped on this road trip will haunt us at the end of the season. Of course, by then I probably will have decided to stop going to games and will be handing out my season tickets to anyone still willing to attend.

  • In reply to edubs:

    Keep the faith edubs. Fire's next two games are at home and they are still above the red line. Who knows, maybe the Fire get that sixth playoff spot by a point.

  • GR - Out of the next 24 points(8 games, 4 home and 4 away) how many do you see the Fire getting? By July 1st what point total will be acceptable and what point total will sound alarm bells in N-Rod's New Jersey home?

  • In reply to penapirata:

    They have a 3-3-2 feel to them....if they beat Seattle and Colorado at home the next weeks.

  • In reply to Guillermo Rivera:

    Do you know any of the 6 transfer targets that Orin Schwartz reported?

  • In reply to DavidFromChicago:

    Saad Abdul-Salaam was definitely one of them.

  • When Campbell came on, did he go to RB or did he come on as a CB, pushing Kappelhof to RB?

  • In reply to Fuegofan:

    The latter.

  • Question for the board. Who would you like starting on the right wing and why?

  • In reply to go fire:

    Here is my preffered lineup:

    GK (Don't they both stink)
    Conner Kap Campbell Vincent

    Basti Dax

    Solingac de Leeuw Accam


    Yes, Juninho is on the bench. That's the cost of getting Basit.

  • I would give Lucho the slight edge over MDL on the right side (i would keep juninho , dax, and basti in mf). I think solnigac is a better defender and better at service on the cross. Plus his work rate is a good compliment to Accam on the other side and helps when the fire press high up the field (we need to quit bunkering in when we have a lead imo, we havent proven the ability defensively to take the foot off the pedal).

    Alvarez is a skilled player but is very one demensional. He only really cuts in on his left foot and doesnt have speed to beat a defender 1 v 1 to the outside.

    Oh and obviously anyone over harrington. I dont care who, just not harrington. I honestly think he should be loaned out to a USL side so he can either learn to play defense or further develop his attacking skills and convert to RW. However if any defenders (lumping connor in with that group) get hurt, we would need him back for depth.

  • In reply to AJties:


  • In reply to AJties:

    I think idea of Harrington learning anything in USL at 31 yo that he can't do already is optimistic. And at that age, more wingers are looking to move from midfield to the backline than backs are looking to move to midfield, given the mobility required in the middle.

    I remember Harrington being really good when he was in the Wiz back in the day. Got a lot of fantasy points from him, that's for sure! I'm not playing fantasy anymore, but I have the feeling that he's not earning many points these days. Just a hunch.

  • In reply to Modibo:

    Good point about harringtons age, old dog/new tricks. I guess my thoughts with the usl loan out were more meant as a way the front office could easily communicate to him, "youre not good enough and something needs to change if youre going to stay on this roster". Plus i was assuming the fire would get some financial benefit from loaning him out as opposed to rotting on the bench the rest of the season

  • In reply to AJties:

    You're right and now since Polster is back and Drew Conner could play in that position too, I think that it's time to say goodbye to the ponytail. The only thing I would say to improve in the next transfer window is the gk position. Lampson had nothing to do yesterday, but when he did it was scary to look at. His distribution was horrible as well. He got a yellow card yesterday just from a simple mistake which would of led to a goal. Right after that mistake, I looked at Pauno and he looks furious. ( He had his fingers on his chin as if he were thinking about gks to get in the summer. I would look at Clint Irwin ( Since it looks like Bono took his spot and Macmath ( Tim Howard is the starter). I would say Macmath would be easier to get and should be looked at. He had a really good season before Tim Howard came in the summer

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