Fire ready to open season in Columbus

Optimism always abounds at the Annual Fire Kick-Off Luncheon and this year's event was no different. The 6-0-0 record this preseason has helped fuel that a bit but the numbers were downplayed across the board.

There may be more reason for optimism this year with the addition of proven players like Dax McCarty, Juninho, and Nemanja Nikolic. In the latest edition of the Fire Confidential Live podcast we compile media interviews with Nelson Rodriguez, Nikolic, McCarty, and Veljko Paunovic.

Highlights include:

  • Rodriguez on the potential addition of more players and the possibility of another DP this summer.
  • Rodriguez on interest in two players who recently signed in China and Mexico, and two others the club is currently tracking.
  • Status update on the trial for right back Ryan Taylor.
  • Nikolic on playing with Accam and de Leeuw.
  • McCarty on the importance (or lack thereof) of preseason results, improving team mentality, and style of play.
  • Paunovic on confidence, style of play, loans to Tulsa, and the Fire's base 442 formation.

Fire roster

The current roster is at 26 with the signings of Brandt Bronico and Matej Dekovic, who will take up an international roster spot if he isn't loaned out. The Fire currently have 9 internationals on the 26-man squad.

GK: Bava, Lampson, Cleveland

DEF: Campbell, Kappelhof, Meira, Vincent, Harrington, Doody, Dekovic

MID: Accam, Alvarez, Goossens, Polster, Fernandez, Conner, Calistri, Juninho, Bronico, Johnson, McCarty, Mihailovic

FWD: De Leeuw, Arshakyan, Nikolic, Solignac

MLS has updated roster rules with the addition of two off-budget player spots available for more Homegrown signings. On top of that, $200,000 in TAM can now be used to sign Homegrowns.

Fantasy league

You can join this season's Fire Confidential MLS Fantasy league right here. The code to join is 15647-3033.


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  • Still hope to see more of the US players and homegrowns get more action over guys like Arshakyan. And do teams really need to carry 3 keepers? Seems like a waste of a roster spot.

  • In reply to Bumsteer:

    If one gets hurt, you can't have full teams face each other in training.

  • "MLS has updated roster rules with the addition of two off-budget player spots available for more Homegrown signings."

    AH must be groaning right now. "First DPs, now more money spent on Homegrowns?!?" I think we can say goodbye to $2 hot dogs for 2017.

  • In reply to Modibo:

    For $3 more, you can load up a plate at the Section 8 tailgate, so there's that.

  • In reply to BrianC.:

    There are a lot of things over the past several years that make staying outside TP for a Section 8 plate a better value than plunking down cash to watch the nightmare on the pitch.

    It's like paying for scares in a haunted house, except after you leave, you can't laugh away the horror you felt inside.

  • I'm looking forward to Saturday. I hope the weather is decent. Supposed to be in low 40s with low winds. Should be decent to play. Not as nice as Florida, but better than Toronto in January. I will be glad to be watching from my couch:)

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